12 Days of Giveaways: Ayla Beauty


ayla beauty giveaway on barebeauty.com
Photo: Hannah Reynolds

I’m really excited about day 7 of 12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS.  I’m teaming up with Ayla Beauty to give away some products that are new to me, but have quickly become favorites in the last month.  You always read about silk pillowcases and how good they are for your hair and skin, but I never see them sold by themselves, and I’m certainly not buying an entire set of silk sheets, are you?  (If you are, we have more to talk about than just hair and skin!)  Enter: The Goodnight Co, an Australian company founded by two moms who wanted a better night’s sleep.  They started with the silk; 600 thread count, 22 momme mulberry silk, to be exact.  Obviously, it feels incredible, but did you know that silk is a natural temperature regulator as well as naturally dust mite-resistant and hypoallergenic?  100% silk is great for preventing face creases (in the short term) and wrinkles (in the long term), and it doesn’t sap skin of moisture, unlike cotton, which is very absorbent.  Silk pillowcases are also much better for your hair, no matter the texture.  Because they create less friction than cotton, frizzy hair wakes up smoother, straight hair wakes up with less weird kinks, and all hair wakes up in better condition.  My hair hasn’t looked this good upon waking up since before I had a child, seriously.

Part 2 of tonight’s giveaway are three elixirs from Les Fleurs de Bach.  This little French company makes their flower essences in accordance with those originally developed by a visionary British homeopath, surgeon and bacteriologist, Dr. Edward Bach, in the beginning of the 20th century.  These elixirs have been clinically proven to help balance emotions and promote holistic healing within the body.  Sleep really does create a better night’s sleep, without weird dreams or a hungover feeling the next morning.  Stress simply takes things down a notch, thus making you drink less, thus making you look better.  There, one less thing to stress about!  It really does work, I swear, even during the “witching hour” with toddlers.  Jet Lag keeps things balanced.  It neither hypes me up or puts me to sleep, it just creates a sense of equilibrium and ease, kind of like an adaptogen.

(Total Value: $191)


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Good luck, and here’s to a good night’s sleep!