A Little Bit of Everything…

Photo: Bette Walker

So, um, Dream. Come. True.  Today, I bowed down to the Queen of Green Beauty, Rose Marie Swift.  What an amazing woman.  Swift was one of the first pioneers of the Clean Beauty Movement, and she is the real deal – there are no fillers in her products, no synthetics, this lady is a true purist.  We gabbed beauty (duh), but she also told me all about myself – she is a practicing astrologer, and I think she is good, because I really liked what she had to say, haha.  Today through Sunday, December 20th, RMS Beauty is offering Free 2-Day Shipping on all orders $50+ (excludes nail polish).  Foolproof: RMS Living Luminizer + a 20-pack of The Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipe.

Like a child on Christmas morning…


Today thru December 17th, Tata Harper is also offering Free 2-Day Shipping on any purchase $100+ with code 2DAYSHIP.  And, I love how they have made stocking-stuffer-sized versions of almost all of their products!  It isn’t often that you can find luxury gifts at such a great price; I think this is a genius idea for mini or add-on holiday presents.

I hope your week is going well!  Remember, try to slow down and ENJOY the holidays.  Wine seems to help – at least with the slowing down part.