A Mama’s Best Friend: Zoe Organics


Hello.  My name is Jessica, and ten years ago, I used to swear by Diet Red Bull so I could stay up dancing all night on the weekends.  (Hey, some people do way worse in order to party all night!)  Then, something happened; I realized I wasn’t actually living the “healthy” lifestyle I thought I was.  I became sick, and my body started working against me.  Everything changed, so I changed everything: everything I ate, everything in my home, everything I put on my skin.  At the finish line of my three-year-optimal-health-marathon was Annabel, and today she is still my motivation to do and be my best.

Many women go through a similar phase when they are trying to become pregnant or when they do become pregnant.  They go from drinking diet coke and getting weekly spray tans to being at a total loss as to what is “okay” to do/use/eat.  It is normal to panic a little.  You of course want only the very best for your baby, but it can be really difficult to weed through all of the information and products out there.


Zoe Organics is one of my favorite product lines for mama+baby, and the whole family, really.  The ingredients are effective, gentle and pure.  Their packaging is clean and simple and easy to understand.  Their product line is streamlined to just 15 items.  This kind of thoughtfulness takes all of the guesswork and decision-anxiety out of the shopping experience.

It is no wonder that Zoe Organics has been picked up by TARGET, which has been upping its Green game lately (other new additions include favorites like W3LL PEOPLE, Acure Organics and S.W. Basics).  By the way, if you are looking for Zoe Organics while shopping at TARGET, it is located near the pharmacy, in the feminine care aisle – yes, even their baby-specific products.  Just FYI 😉

Lately, my favorite Zoe Organics items are Breathe Balm, which we all live by during cold and flu season in our house, Everything Balm, which is great for chapped lips, cheeks and cuticles, and their incredible and simple Cream, which is relief in a jar for the whole family.

Now, if only I could find a replacement for that Diet Red Bull….

What are your favorite Clean products for Mama+Baby?