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Beauty Heroes has been pumping out the box options lately, and they are all soooo good.  They’ve recently added a wellness discovery box, and as many of you know, I am a wellness and supplement junkie.  Naturally, I’m hooked.  Purchasing these wellness discovery boxes (quantities are limited, but these are not a subscription; anyone can buy them)  is a great way to to be exposed to and educated on different supplements and beauty foods, and the price is unbeatable; the box is always priced at a fraction of the products’ retail value.  This month’s Beauty Heroes Wellness Discovery is from Vital Proteins.

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I’m going to make this short because this article and this article totally sum up the many scientifically proven benefits of supplementing with collagen as well as how much you should take per day, etc.  I used to take it for beauty, but I kind of cycle through supplements,  and I fell off the wagon.  However, after I fractured my elbow and sprained my wrist recently, I of course emailed my naturopath, Dr. Sherri Jacobs, immediately.  Her number one recommendation?  Collagen.  I’ve been back on board for a month, and I swear I already see and feel a difference.  I’m having less digestive issues (it’s great for gut health), my skin is looking pretty good (collagen is what keeps skin from sagging) and my wrist and elbow?  I was told it would take 8-12 weeks to start feeling better, and much longer until I could bear any weight on my right arm/hand.  Well, I can’t miraculously practice yoga or Pilates yet, but I’m no longer in constant pain, and I can at least pick up a bath towel with my right hand.  I’ll take it!  And, I’m going to go ahead and credit collagen, because I haven’t been doing a darn thing to take care of myself, otherwise.  (Moms aren’t allowed to be sick or injured, apparently.)

Beauty Heroes is offering 3 different boxes to choose from by Vital Proteins; I chose the Marine Collagen Bundle, which is derived from sustainably sourced snapper – it’s a great option if you are a pescatarian (traditionally, quality collagen comes from grass fed cattle).  I put a scoop in my smoothie in the mornings, and you can add them to water and juice, too.  Like all of Beauty Heroes’ offerings, this Wellness discovery is a great deal.  Each Collagen Bundle is priced a bit differently, but they are all under $70, and they would normally all retail for more than $110.

Are there any other beauty supplements you swear by, or want to know more about?








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