Ayurvedic Lipstick: Nūdus


Ever wish the lipstick that you wear all day was also a lip treatment?

For me, there is nothing worse than lipstick that dries up and dries out my lips.  It feels bad and it looks worse.  Trying solve the problem, I’ll apply more of the culprit, and all I can see are dry, flaky lips under a mask of color.  Yuck…

That will never, ever happen if you are wearing Nūdus lipstick.  Nūdus founder Diana Goltsman Saltoun worked for two years to perfect her “Lip Euphoria” formula, a blend of 27 active naturals including cold-pressed, food grade  pumpkin, kiwi fruit, raspberry, pomegranate, argan and moringa oils.

And let’s talk about this PIGMENT.  Nūdus colors are so rich and so highly pigmented, you won’t believe they are 100% natural, let alone Ayurvedic.  Yes, that’s right; these lipsticks contain special mix of ancient Ayurvedic pure bioactive color extracts from flowers, fruits, herbs and minerals. Each color extract has a dual purpose of bioactivity and therapeutic function. The extracts not only provide longer lasting colors, but safer active moisturizing properties, based on the technology of an ancient progressively vibrant traditional medicinal system.  Isn’t that so cool??

The term “small-batch” is soooo overused lately, but we have to talk about it, because what other lipstick company makes all their product by hand – no machinery – in small batches?!  I know, I am totally geeking out right now, sorry 🙂


Here are some of my favorites.  Clockwise from top left: Naked (the perfect nude that erases all color from the lips), Halo (a classic light pink rose), 27 Kisses (the most universally-flattering color of all time) and Fairy Tales (a classic, not-too-bright-coral).  Cost: $35.  Purchase them here.