Bare Beauty Journal: Life Lately


Hey There, Bare Beauties!  First, I want to thank you for giving me a few weeks off.  I worked really hard this past spring to tighten up my editorial calendar, publish consistent blog posts, contribute to other publications, travel to conferences, and work on a lot of back-end/ behind-the-scenes stuff; all good things, but I did get a little burned out.  I love blogging.  I love Green Beauty.  I love my readers.  I love being my own boss.  However, blogging can become a hamster wheel, just like any other profession, and since I only answer to myself (and you), I decided I needed some time off, and I hope you’re okay with that.  Many bloggers I know publish a blog post seven days a week, even while on vacation, and post to their social media accounts at least twice a day.  Many influencer/social media experts claim that is the only way to make an impact and retain loyal followers.  Well, I say, eff that.  I’m here to bring you authentic reviews and promote thoughtful discussions, not to sell you on every single new product that hits the shelves.  And I cannot imagine you want to hear what I have to say every single day.  The day that I have to publish a blog post just for the sake of publishing a post, I’m out!  Whew!  So, again, thank you.

Influencer/social media experts also claim that it is important to let readers in on our personal lives.  I’m always on the fence with this.  On one hand, I feel like I’m here to talk about Clean Living and Green Beauty, not my latest personal life dilemma.  However, I do feel like I know many of you, and I do feel a community here.  I also know from experience that when I read a blog consistently, but wonder “who’s the man behind the curtain?” I lose interest, or I wonder if the blogger is as authentic as I once thought her to be.  It’s been a while since I’ve written a post about myself and what’s going on in my life, so I thought today might be a good day to reach out and say “hi”…



A few weeks ago, Richard and I went up to New York to celebrate my sister and her husband (they married in October, but their reception was in June).  We partied on The Water Table, an historic ship that served in WWII.  They serve New England-style food and tasty cocktails, and we cruised up and down the East River.  It was magical.  You can also book reservations for two; I think it would be a perfect date night activity. (By the way, the lobster roll was super-yum.)


Two days later, we headed to Bermuda with Annabel and our best friends and their little boy, River.  They moved from Charleston to Atlanta four years ago.  We miss them so much, so we try to do fun family vacations together once or twice per year.  Annabel and River held hands the entire trip, like little lovers.  It was enough to make your heart melt.  Bermuda was fabulous.  Beautiful beaches and pristine water, gorgeous architecture, delicious food and gracious, hospitable locals made this one of my favorite trips of all time.  It was also safe, clean and Zika-free.  Score.  Everyone unplugged (although the kids watched more Frozen than we would have liked – what is it about that movie??) and vegged out, and I have to say I felt present in every moment, which is so rare for me, or any busy working parent, for that matter.



Also, I have to mention these dresses that Annabel and I are wearing; they are by Mott50.  All of their pieces for women and children are really stylish and carry a UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) of 50!!!  (Everything is chemical-free; the UPF is from the way the fabric is woven.)  Not only are they soft, lightweight, breathable, they wash up like a dream.  The knits are made of sustainable bamboo, and the swimwear is nylon spandex.  I know we discuss nontoxic sun protection a lot here at Bare Beauty, but it’s nice to have another line of defense, isn’t it?  GIVEAWAY: Mott50 and I are teaming up to give away a pair of mommy & me dresses on Instagram, (@barebeautyblog) so check out my latest post to enter, and hurry, because it ends on 7/16/16 at 9pm EST!


We took a 3-day layover in Atlanta to celebrate Independence Day all together, which was so fun. George and Sally just moved houses, and their new abode is really gorgeous.  (Sally is a successful artist and has the most beautiful taste; follow her on Instagram if you’re looking for home inspo or beautiful, bold art.)  Leaving Atlanta was bittersweet.  It was nice to finally be back in our own home, but we hated leaving our dear friends behind.  I’m already scheming up our next family expedition together.

Wanna know what’s really crazy?  After trying to get back into a routine for the last week and a half, we are going up to Long Beach Island with my family – today.  Stay tuned for some blog posts, this week, though.  Three weeks off was great, but I’m ready to talk about some new favorite products and offer a few more giveaways.  Also, if you are always striving for clear skin like I am, you’ll want to read this Wednesday’s post.

Oh, and here is an article I wrote recently for HEYMAMA.

Happy Weekend!