Bare Beauty Journal 3.31.18

Thanks for being patient in between posts, beauties.  We took a family ski trip to Vail, Colorado in early March, which was great, except I fractured my elbow and sprained my wrist (typing is quite a challenge these days)… Our poor nanny has been sick, and our beloved chiropractor passed away in a tragic accident, so I have just not been 100% lately, and I certainly haven’t been very productive. I’ve missed you guys, and I just wanted to check in and say hi since I’ve kind of been neglecting the blog lately.

Other than my accident (I slipped on a wet restaurant floor, sober, after only one day of skiing), Vail was great.  We met up with some good friends and family, and we brought Annabel this year so she could learn to ski.  She made a lot of progress at ski school, and was eager to get there each morning.  She could totally ski by the end of the trip; I was so proud of her!  If you’ve been wondering if your 4 year-old could hack all the gear and the cold, I would highly recommend you take him or her along on your next ski trip and put them in a ski school program.  So worthwhile!

I feel like a jet-setter, because this week we were on spring break at my parents’ on beautiful Anna Maria Island, FL.  That place is such a gem, and it’s so under-the-radar; I absolutely love it there.  As far as trips with kids-in-tow go, it was actually somewhat relaxing.  My parents are amazingly helpful, fun grandparents, and our kids adore them (thank God, because I’m a one-armed woman right now).  My sister, her husband, and their baby, Pascoe, also came down from New York.  Pascoe and Woody are 5 months apart; it was so cute to watch them play, and Annabel really enjoyed telling them what to do.  By the way, if your 4-year-old gets tired of his or her toys, have a baby.  Said 4-year-old will immediately love the toys that have been passed down to the baby.  (Insert eye-roll here.)  It was a full house, but it was so fun.  We got a lot of quality family time in on the beach, and the weather was perfect.  I came home full of gratitude and a more positive mindset.  I needed that – I think we all did.


I can’t handle typing with one hand anymore, haha, so I’m going to leave you with a fun interview I did with Beauty Independent, the digital publication brought to us by the same founders as Indie Beauty Expo.  I love this news outlet – it’s like WWD for the independent and green segments of the beauty industry.  Check it out!

Also, I’m hosting a giveaway in collaboration with Pleni Naturals on my Instagram profile (@barebeautyblog).  It ends on Sunday, April 1 at 5pm EST, so hurry and enter!

I hope you have a happy Easter, Passover, and weekend!