Modern Minerals: Beauty from the Inside Out

Modern Minerals Emotive Makeup for Beauty Heroes -
Modern Minerals Emotive Makeup for Beauty Heroes

When I opened my June box from Beauty Heroes last month, my first impression was wow, these products from Modern Minerals are really pretty.  Modern Minerals is a line that isn’t new, but it’s new to me, meaning that I’ve yet to try it.  It may sound counter-intuitive, but I usually like to play with the Beauty Heroes products before reading about them; this way, I form my own ideas and opinions (although their monthly literature is very helpful and informative).  I decided to incorporate all of the gorgeous Modern Minerals products into my beauty routine that day, and I have to admit that they really made me happy.  Each product subtly glistens and smells beautifully.  I went about my day in an unusually good mood.  Actually, I felt downright positive – nothing could bring me down!

Modern Minerals Emotive Makeup -

The next day, I decided to start writing my review, and I read the Beauty Heroes June Box insert.  Well, well, well…  It turns out that the founder of Modern Minerals, Diane Read, partnered with Katie Hess of Lotus Wei (my favorite aromatherapist and flower alchemist) to infuse her products with an emotionally restorative gemstone and flower essence that calms the mind and stimulates the senses.  Pure genius!  Read believes that beauty is interconnected, and our emotions are reflected in our physical features.  Toxic thoughts and negative emotions cause a specific chemical reaction in the body, (as do positive thoughts and emotions) causing disruption and disharmony physically.  The gemstone and flower essence incorporated into Modern Minerals’ formulas is supposed to uplift and awaken positivity.  Pink Tourmaline, Pink Camellia Flowers, Lavender Chamomile, Rose and Neroli promote love, compassion, inner strength and living in the present moment.  I’ll take two.  No, wait, I’ll take one of each.

Modern Minerals Emotive Makeup -

I love this concept, and as far as I know, Modern Minerals is the first cosmetic line to take not only our physical health into account, but our emotional health.  Clean, emotionally restorative formulas that purify the physical body to protect it from pollutants of all kinds.  This line gives beauty from the inside out a new meaning.

On to the products, which are GORGEOUS.

Modern Minerals Emotive Lipgloss -

Padparadscha Lip Gloss is a bright, happy coral-poppy with a beautiful, light floral scent.  Seriously, smell it when you open it; it is truly uplifting.  The color appears very bold and a bit shimmery in the tube, but on the lips it looks like a sheer, glossy wash of fruit punch.  This universally flattering pink gloss is not at all sticky or tacky, and it truly moisturizes the lips.

I feel like Citrine Lip Gloss like it was made for me.  I love sheer, pinky-peachy-golds, and this lip gloss is just that.  This one gives a healthy glow to lips, and looks quite sheer on.  The scent is a floral-mint, and I love it; it’s so invigorating!  It also tingles a bit on the lips and makes them appear more plump.  Again, the hydrating formula is not at all sticky, and I think this color would flatter any skin tone.

Modern Minerals Highlighter in Modern Moonstone -
Modern Minerals Highlighter in Modern Moonstone

The Modern Moonstone Highlighter is simply incredible; it is honestly my new favorite illuminating product.  The silky formula glides onto skin, blends beautifully and lasts all day – seriously.  There is no glittery-sparkle factor, so it works just as well for day as it does for evening, and the warm rose gold color is perfect for tan, olive and darker skin tones.  No white cast here!

Modern Minerals Rose Quartz Eye Shadow -
Modern Minerals Eye Shadow in Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz Eyeshadow is also a new favorite of mine.  It’s shimmery, but not sparkly, and unlike some other powder shadows, it doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes.  This universally flattering shadow works great as all over the eyelid on its own, as a highlighter on the brow bone, or as a blending shadow paired with other colors.  Don’t let the name fool you; it’s more of a “neutral” than a “pink” once it’s on the skin.  Oh, and it doesn’t crease.  Score.

Modern Minerals Citrine Lipgloss -
Modern Minerals Lip Gloss in Citrine
Modern Minerals Lip Gloss in Padparadscha -
Modern Minerals Lip Gloss in Padparadscha

As you probably already know, I’m an ambassador for Beauty Heroes, so I am sent the box to review each month at no charge.  However, if there is ever a box I don’t like for any reason, I don’t have to say a word.  Really.  This one I especially loved, as I’m a fan of glow-y, neutral makeup.  And flowers.  And gemstones.  And, I always say this, but the monthly Beauty Heroes Box is such a great deal!  This box is worth $96, but as always, Beauty Heroes members only pay $39.  Last month, Beauty Heroes sold through their monthly memberships, and this month it will probably happen again, so grab this box fast!  You can sign up for this month’s box here and shop past heroes here.  (And, as always, members automatically receive 15% off everything in the shop.)  Also, Beauty Heroes is offering a special deal this month for members and non-members alike: every $100+ purchase received a complementary full-size Agent Nateur Deodorant Holi(stick).

Have you tried Modern Minerals yet?  (If you have, I know you love it.)  Regardless, I hope you have a very positive week.  🙂