Blue Crush: Oille Natural

2014-08-14 10.14.38

I have a crush on Oille Natural’s Recover Healing Intelligence Face Serum.  I’ve been using it for about six weeks and it is a miracle worker.

Clinical and Holistic aromatherapist, Kirsten King, developed this serum specifically for sun-damaged skin.  While I always use SPF 30, I don’t always remember to reapply.  If I am a little pink or leather-y feeling after a day in the sun, I slather a few drops of this serum on my skin before bed and I swear I can feel the heat leaving my face.  The next morning, instead of waking up to dry skin, I am pleasantly surprised with a bright, hydrated glow, no kidding.  The results are unbelievable.

Also, due to my crazy-persistant adult-acne, (that was supposed to end along with my pregnancy, WTF) I went in for my first blue light treatment at the dermatologist this week.  The long term results are said to be incredible, but the treatment leaves you with a slight “sunburn” for a few days, similar to that of a laser treatment.  I’ve been applying the Recover Serum multiple times a day and it immediately calms and relieves my parched red face.

King’s Recover Serum contains some seriously active organic essential oils like German Chamomile and Blue Tansy, which are known to calm, cool and heal inflamed or burned skin.  Also, I am sitting here huffing this stuff; it smells amazing. Although it contains no fruit oil, I think it smells like a natural version of fruit loops.  (This is probably just me.)

Cost: about $52 for .5 oz.  Purchase Oille Natural (pronounced Oy-elle Nat-ur-elle) Healing Intelligence Recover Face Serum here.

Ingredients: Macademia Nut Oil, Tamanu Oil, Lavender Oil, German Chamomile Oil, Blue Tansy Oil, Balsam Copaiba Oil.  All ingredients are Organic.