Daily Harvest Review + Giveaway

Daily Harvest Review on barebeauty.com

Are you usually rushing in the morning?  Do you aim to make an Instagram-worthy smoothie, only to end up grabbing a banana, or worse, on your way out the door?  While we make a family-size smoothie every morning at our house, I often get stuck in recipe-ruts, and smoothies should taste like a fun, delicious treat, not something you have to choke down.  So, if you never feel like you have time for breakfast on the go, never know what to make, never have the right ingredients in the house, or if you’re bored with your current breakfast routine, listen up.  Daily Harvest is about to change all of that for you.  (SCROLL DOWN FOR A GIVEAWAY AND COUPON CODE.)

Daily Harvest Review on barebeauty.com

Daily Harvest‘s ingredients are 98% organic, paleo, vegan, and unrefined; they use whole foods only.  They also freeze all of their ingredients at peak quality, combine the most delicious flavors, and put them in a recyclable paper cup with a reusable/recyclable  plastic lid (that has a perferation for a straw!).  All you have to do is choose your flavors, place the order, add liquid, and blend.  It seriously could not be easier.

Daily Harvest Review on barebeauty.com

Daily Harvest recently sent me a box of smoothies, and we loved every single one of them!  Every morning, I let Annabel dump the contents of the cup into the blender, and then I filled the same cup with the appropriate liquid (almond milk coconut water, etc.). I pushed a button, poured the blended contents back into the cup, and breakfast was served.  If we were running late, we just bought our smoothies along and recycled our cups when were were finished.  Instead of feeling rushed and defeated, I actually felt like I was #winning at this mom thing.  By the way, they have over a dozen flavors to choose from, but my three favorite flavors are Cacao + Avocado, Blueberry + Hemp and Acai +  Cherry.

Daily Harvest Review on barebeauty.com

So, if you’re busy (who isn’t), have the week from hell approaching, or want to make an upcoming cleanse a little easier on yourself  this would be a great subscription.  And, you might think the price is going to be steep, but when you break it down, Daily Harvest is even cost efficient (approximately $7/smoothie).  You can sign up for just one delivery, or get them weekly, monthly, whatever.  I’ve been really happy with the service, and I will definitely purchase it on my own.  It would also make a great present for a friend who just had a baby, and it’s definitely a good care package for a college student.  Sold?  When you sign up, use code BAREBEAUTY for 3 free smoothies!

Daily Harvest Review on barebeauty.com

Soooooo, want to win free smoothies for a month?!  ($170 value)  Tune in to Instagram around 9pm tonight for a GIVEAWAY


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  • Tag a friend who could use some free smoothies (isn’t that everyone?!)
  • Extra tags = extra entries
  • The winner will be announced in the comments of this post on September 10, 2016 at 9pm 
  • Open to US residents, only

Good luck!

All photos by Bette Walker


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  1. would love to try them, our family really enjoys smoothies. I’m not always pleased with the clean up when we make them from home.

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