Skincare Recipes From a Famous Facialist

Recently, I was asked to contribute a DIY skincare article to WELL Insiders, the online publication of W.E.L.L. Summit.  It was pretty serendipitous, considering I had just done a little Q&A with one of the most sought after estheticians in the entire world.  Angelina Umansky, Founder of Spa Radiance, a San Francisco beauty institution, tends to the skin of the city’s social set, tech power players, and A-list celebrities like Michele Pfeiffer.

The Spa Radiance story starts in mid-century Moscow where Angelina’s Grandma Rose, an herbalist and healer taught her daughter and granddaughter (Angelina) the importance of holistic health as a cornerstone for the old-world skincare and beauty techniques in their lineage.  Angelina’s personalized treatments address everything from acne and aging to rosacea and sun damage.  After assessing each client’s individual skin needs, she then uses the most advanced technologies on the market including NASA developed LED light therapy and Biologique Recherché microcurrent, combining them with time honored techniques like lymphatic facial massage, acupressure extractions, and “sweating the pores” which give the face definition and a visible lift.  When I heard she had a DIY cure for “hangover face”, I quickly typed up a few questions and sent them her way, as I have this condition the morning after drinking only two glasses of wine:

BB: It’s happened to us all.  You get in an argument with your boyfriend and cry your eyes out.  You have a big presentation at work tomorrow.  You need puffy eye damage control.  What do you do before going to bed and upon waking up to look pulled together?

AU: Cucumbers from the fridge. Make round cuts in cucumber put them on the plate in fridge then take them out put them all over the face and eyes.  They need to be cold!!! Keep changing them out as soon as they are not cold anymore. Also, Make sure you sleep with your head elevated with at least two pillows so the fluids don’t pool under your eyes. Switch out your eye cream for an eye gel. if people have puffy eyes it’s better not to use any eye product at night. No eye cream or eye gel. Nothing if the eyes are puffy. 

BB: Are there any supplements or foods that you swear by for beauty?

AU: Omega vitamins!

BB: What is the number one problem you see in your treatment room, and how can we avoid it?

AU: People pick their skin and leave marks on their skin. Number 2 problem they over-exfoliate. Stop using scrubs. If you go for facials they can take the dead skin off for you but don’t do it everyday. People strip their skin with aggressive products like Retin-A and exfoliating acids and then use their Clarisonics in addition — it completely destroys the skin’s barrier.

BB: Are there any tools/at-home techniques I can employ between facials to keep my skin looking radiant, plump and lifted?

AU: I love NuFace . I use it every day. It’s a lifting tool that really works. I also swear by the Lightwave LED handheld (similar product here). LEDs really work if you are using the right tool. Tip: If there are only a few diodes (lights) scattered around the device (like a popular mask) it’s not doing anything for your skin. The diodes need to be clustered together and placed close to the skin. So beware of Christmas lights and buy the proven tools.

BB: Okay, let’s say I “overdid it” last night, but I also have an event tonight.  Help!  How do I make my face look less inflamed and less puffy in a hurry without going to the spa?

Head over to WELL Insiders for the cure for “hangover face”!

Okay, off to dinner with friends….  I never learn!  😉