This Doesn’t Stink: Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant


Sound the alarm.  The weather in Charleston has been glorious for two days in a row.  I want to spend every single minute with my windows open or, even better, outside.  No doubt, we will soon be complaining about how hot and sticky it is.  Fear not, my sweaty betties.  I have discovered a new (to me, at least) natural deodorant that really works!!!   I’ve been testing Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant for two weeks and it has kept me from smelling, even after a run, even the next morning.  (Note: those are two different circumstances; I do not go running and then go to bed without showering.  Ew.)

I’ve tried lost and lots of natural deodorants, and many do not pass the test.  They either don’t prevent BO, make the BO worse, (I mean, really?) or give me a rash, and they are all packaged in plastic.  Schmidt’s has saved the day.  They offer four delightful scents and an unscented version.  I prefer the ylang-ylang and calendula, as it is extra soothing to sensitive skin.  I also love the packaging: a recyclable glass jar and a tiny spatula to ease application.  I know it sounds weird to have to use your fingers to apply deodorant, but you get used to it.  Cost: about $9 for 3 oz.  Purchase it here.

Keep in mind, there is no such thing as a Clean antiperspirant, so if you are a sweat-er, you’re wearing silk on a first date, and it’s 90 degrees outside, you may want to use your old standby.  However, on a daily basis, I personally think we should all wear a Clean deodorant instead, even at the gym.  Why?  Because aluminum salts, propylene glycol and parabens aren’t just found in your antiperspirant; they are also found in many samples of cancerous breast tissue.  Seriously.  Besides, sweating is a natural and healthy bodily function.  It keeps us cool and detoxifies our systems.  Read more about what’s in your antiperspirant here.

Has anyone else found a Clean deodorant they love?