Earth Day Deals!

Green Living

Happy Earth Day, Bare Beauties!  I wanted to share an Earth Day post from a few years back that was really popular, and one of my personal favorite, but first, I want to let you in on a few Earth Day Deals!  It’s a perfect time to pull the trigger on some things you’ve been eyeing.


The Detox Market is honoring 10% off purchases $150+ (EARTH10) and 15% of purchases $200+ (EARTH15) through April 25th, 2016.


Save 15% off all purchases at Safe & Chic through April 22, 2016 with code EARTH.

Now, for some thoughts on Earth Day from a few years back:

From the time I can remember, my dad recycled everything.  He didn’t just take the weekly newspaper pile to the curb, I’m talking collecting dead batteries and lightbulbs and actually taking them to the proper local facilities so they didn’t wind up in a dump.  We didn’t grow up with a garbage disposal; we composted.  We didn’t use TruGreen ChemLawn for a lush yard; my dad aerated the soil and added lime instead.  It wasn’t in vogue back then, but we were quite a Green household.  Lately, I’ve been thinking how that has rubbed off on me and how I want to set the same example for my daughter.  I don’t want her to think it is okay to just mindlessly consume, discard, repeat.  And if it’s somehow cool to “not care”, then I want her to be a total nerd.

Obviously, we all want to do what’s best for the environment, but with all the noise out there, we can lose focus during the daily grind.  Here are some things you can do to celebrate Earth Day today and every day:

  • Buy Antiques.  Seriously!  Think of all the chemicals that go into the manufacturing of home goods.
  • Keep house plants, which naturally filter and detoxify the air.  And it’s less expensive than buying cut flowers every week.
  • Walk.  Ride your bike.  Stroll your child on that next errand instead of getting in the car.
  • Eat lunch outside.  It’s just more fun.
  • Turn off the G.D. lights, the TV, stop incessantly re-fluffing the laundry in the dryer! (guilty, guilty, guilty)
  • Compost.  It is so much better for the planet than using a garbage disposal.  Your lawn and garden will thank you.
  • Do you really need that dress from Forever 21 or H&M?  Disposable, fast-fashion creates toxic waste and spoiled people.
  • Recycle!  Take a moment to imagine bulldozers pushing trash around at the landfill.  Do you really want to add to that mess?
  • Use biodegradable cleaning products.  The Honest Company and Seventh Generation make great options.
  • Buy a whole-house water filter and stop buying bottled water.
  • Take a shorter shower.  (If you’re a mother, your shower is already only five minutes long; this one doesn’t apply to you.)
  • Plant a tree, duh.

Happy Earth Day, Bare Beauties!