Eat Pretty, Live Well

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Eat Pretty, Live Well

Ah, Spring is in the air, the weekend is near and I’m almost caught up on my to-do list (not really, I’m never caught up on that darn thing).  Do you remember my post about Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart?  I just loved that sweet little tome so chock full of awesome information.  The only thing it was missing was a place for me to scribble all over it and make notes; I couldn’t bring myself to deface such lovely pages.  Well, let me introduce you to Eat Pretty, Live Well, Hart’s followup food and mindfulness journal.  It couldn’t be better.  It’s just so… helpful, and who couldn’t use more help when it comes to living your healthiest, most mindful life?

To “eat pretty” is to choose healthful foods that help you look and feel your best.  To live well is to optimize your health and happiness with a balanced, beautifying lifestyle.  While I try to do these things, I have definitely let a lot slide over the last six months.  Taking care of myself has taken a backseat to loved ones, holidays, house projects, work projects and travel.  Don’t get me wrong, those are mostly good things.  But still, I’ve been in a rush, I’ve been skipping workouts and I’m tired of throwing cashews and bottled juice in my mouth five times a day instead of eating real meals.  For me, this journal has arrived just in time.


Like Eat Pretty (it’s not a prerequisite to read this book first, or at all, but I do love it), Eat Pretty, Live Well outlines healthy foods by season and benefit and provides lots of great Clean living tips, reminders and solid scientific background information.  However, this new book also has places to fill in and track goals, recipes, self-reflection, food diaries and more.  Not only will you gain invaluable knowledge to live a better balanced life, but it acts as a tool to help you tune in to your mind, body and spirit.  Most women are so busy trying to do it all that we leave little time to truly check in with ourselves.  And, isn’t that what self love is all about?

Spring is such an important season; it is the time for birth and renewal, and isn’t it just so full of hope?  I’m personally very excited to start fresh with Eat Pretty, Live Well.  Are you ready to seize the moment with me?  Good, because Beauty Heroes is GIFTING Eat Pretty Live Well with every purchase of $75+ in their shop!  While you’re there, check out this month’s Beauty Hero, which I wrote about here.

Here’s to new beginnings 🙂