February Beauty Heroes: Osmia


Osmia Night Body Oil Review
Photo: Hannah Reynolds

 Ah, sleep…..  I haven’t been getting much at 39 weeks pregnant, and I doubt I will get much for weeks and weeks to come, but I will tell you what has made a big difference for me: February’s Beauty Hero, Osmia Night Body Oil.  It arrived at my doorstep just in the nick of time – I was becoming pretty exhausted.  When I take the time to apply this to my entire body before bed, especially after a warm bath or shower, I sleep much more soundly, deeply, and with fewer interruptions.  It’s like a natural sleeping pill prescription without the chemicals or the “hangover”.

With ingredients that signal the autonomic nervous system to relax and restore, including French lavender, Roman chamomile and Moroccan Atlas Cedar Wood Oil, this formula supports healthy melatonin production, provides soothing aromatherapy, and softens and renews dry skin in one fell swoop.  And, hello, where have you been all my life?  I’ve tried lots of Osmia products over the years, but I guess I haven’t tried their body oils?!  They are to DIE for.  This formula (and a few of their other samples that I found in my office and subsequently tested) passes my personal test.  I simply will not use a body oil unless it absorbs into my skin quickly enough to dress in 5-10 minutes.  I don’t have time for goopy, greasy formulas, and I doubt you do, either!  This body oil is silky and light, but still does the job.  I really, really love it.

This month’s Beauty Heroes Sidekick is Osmia’s Lip Doctor, which is also excellent.  Formulated without any essential oils, it is suitable for everyone, even those with extra-sensitive skin.  Six simple ingredients soothe, moisturize and lock in hydration, and this product passes another personal test of mine – when I apply a lip balm before bed, it had better still be on my lips the next morning doing its job.  Check.  I also love that it is unisex and great for the while family; the large diameter of the stick makes it a breeze to quickly apply.

As always, this month’s Beauty Heroes Box is a great deal.  It’s valued at $76, ($64 for the oil and $12 for the lip balm) but members will receive it for under $40.  You can sign up the February Beauty Heroes Box here through February 20th, as long as it does not sell out.  You can also shop for Osmia products and other brand favorites at the Beauty Heroes Beauty Shop (members get 10% off everything in the shop, everyday).

Night-night, sleep tight, don’t let the rambling thoughts bite!