Gift Guides for Everyone on Your List

It’s that time of year!  Black Friday and Cyber Monday are around the corner, and I’ll be publishing posts each of those days with round-ups of the best clean beauty and lifestyle deals (and trust me, the deals this year are good).  But, until then, I thought I’d publish my gift guides to help you get your online shopping done quickly.  Just refer back to these, click purchase, and get back to your pumpkin pie binge, er, workout, er, family time…..

The Selfless Superwoman Gift Guide on

  1. True Botanicals Body Balm is deeply moisturizing, luxuriously smooth, and melts into skin.  This nutrient-rich, indulgent treatment improves elasticity, promotes collagen production, and is offered in three sophisticated, aromatherapeutic scents: Rose + Neroli, Frankincense + Sandalwood, and Oud.  It’s perfect for applying after a long, hot bath or shower before bed.
  2. Unlike conventional candles, the Follain Original Blend Candle is good for her (nontoxic aromatherapy) and good for the earth (vegetable wax candle, cotton wick, recycled jar and the plantable packaging contains wildflower seeds)!
  3. Hailing from Sweden, MyHavtorn Organic Hand Cream with Seabuckthorn Oil lives on my desk.   It’s very hydrating, isn’t at all greasy and has a barely-there pleasant scent (natural, of course).  What is Sea Buckthorn?  It’s basically a tiny orange-red berry with magical powers.  It’s the perfect oil for those with sensitive skin issues like rosacea.
  4. Tata Harper Multi-Masking Collection is like a quick, easy facial at home.  The Resurfacing Mask (a favorite of mine, read my review here) unclogs pores and provides instant glow; the Purifying Mask detoxifies and cleanses surface impurities; the Honey Blossom Resurfacing Mask provides serious hydration and makes skin glow.  When each is applied to a different area of the face, neck and chest, every skin concern is addressd, and skin is left fresh, moisturized and bright.
  5. Jordan Seban L’Huile Hair Oil helps restor the natural hydro-lipid layer of the hair that has been damaged from years of styling, color treating and over processing. It deeply nourishes, softens and protects the driest hair. And because of its pure and concentrated formulation, a little goes a very long way.  L’Huile oils are extracted without the use of any chemicals or solvents and most of them are cold-pressed. This delicate process preserves the oils’ essential fatty acids, minerals and nutritional-rich properties, such as Vitamin A, B, & E, infusing the hair and skin with powerful antioxidants.

The Glamour Girl Gift Guide on

  1. The Goodnight Co. Silk Pillowcase meets the strictest quality standards; their luxuriously smooth textures are beautifully effective at preventing frizz and face creases.  Made from the highest quality 22 momme mulberry silk — the best on the market, with a 600 thread count — they not only feel incredible, but also boast myriad benefits for hair and skin.  They are also naturally dust mite-resistant and hypoallergenic, and regulate temperature perfectly.  The ultimate glam girl necessity, if you ask me.
  2. The Luxie Rose Gold Collection Synthetic 12 Piece Makeup Brush Set is silky, soft and fluffy, without hurting any silky, soft, fluffy animals in the process.  Animal hair brushes also harbor a ton of bacteria because of the structure of the hair follicles. Those hairs trap oil and dead skin and breed bacteria.  And, you they’re beautiful to look at and come in a pretty case.
  3. The rich, sophisticated colors in the Kjaer Weis The Essentials Trio No. 3 create a rich smoky eye and bold lip.  The Abundance Cream Blush is a rich plum-taupe a slightly iridescent finish.  The Divine Eye Shadow is a beautiful, neutral tone deep, almost black eye shadow that compliments all eye colors.  The Goddess Lip Tint is a deep, saturated burgundy lip tint that’s both buildable and long lasting.  The packaging is beautiful, durable and refillable, and can even double as a mirror in a pinch.
  4. May Lindstrom Skin The Honey Mud is indulgent and luxurious.  This silken, pudding-like concoction gently detoxifies and hydrates every skin type with ingredients like raw honey, white halloysite clay and aromatic pure plant oils.  Her face will be left soft, clear, balanced and calm, and bonus: it doubles as a cleanser.
  5. Tata Harper Luminous Glow Collection contains some of the best products for creating a glowy, even, bright complexion. The Regenerating Cleanser exfoliates and clarifies; the Resurfacing Mask provides instant glow; the Illuminating Créme and Illuminating Moisturizer both contain diamond dust and hyaluronic acid to brighten and plump skin.

The Wellness Junkie Gift Guide on

  1. Stressed?  Irritable?  Can’t sleep?  There’s an oil for that.  Enter: Tata Harper to the rescue with her Tata Harper Be Well Aromatic Mood Therapy Collection.  The best part about aromatherapy is that it is an easy, quick modality.  These little essential oil blends are tiny and include a roller ball; you can use them anywhere, anytime.  (I roll the formula on pulse points and on my palms and inhale deeply about 5 -10 times.)
  2. Les Fleurs de Bach Elixirs are made by a wonderful little company based in Paris that is devoted to the preparation of the most effective Bach flower essences in the world.  Bach flower essences were originally developed by Dr. Edward Bach, a British surgeon, homeopath, and bacteriologist. Reflecting Dr. Bach’s own medical background, these essences have been clinically proven to help balance emotions, thus allowing the body and mind to focus on healing themselves.  I love the Sleep, Stress and Jetlag elixirs, especially; they truly work.
  3. Pursoma Hot Tub Bath and Jute Dry Brush the ultimate at-home detoxifying spa treatment.  Made from pure, raw, vegan ingredients this potent recovery bath helps to warm and stimulate the body, aiding in the elimination of toxin build-up for when your body needs it most: to combat runny noses and chest congestion, body aches and fatigue. Warming ginger root assists in stimulating circulation, ridding the body of excess fluids and mucus. Sea salt helps to stimulate circulation and blood flow, opening the body’s cells to deep purification. Montmorillonite clay can support the absorption of toxin build-up as it aids in cellular revitalization and helps to restore the body to health.  When I’m not pregnant, I dry brush as often as I can; it eliminates stubborn cellulite, exfoliates skin and gently detoxifies the body.  Read my post about it here.
  4. I used Herbalore Catalyst Gold Superfood Supplement before I became pregnant, and it made me feel 5 years younger.  Suitable for almost anyone, it helps reprogram your body on a deep cellular level and create a catalyst effect within. Formulated with super greens, herbs, super fuits and essential minerals to protect, rejuvenate and revitalize you.  A wellness junkie’s dream, in capsule form.
  5. Kypris Body Elixir Inflorescence is a non-greasy, multi-active body oil produced with clinically proven actives typically reserved for facial care and 12 of the most potent and nourishing organic, wild crafted, and co-op grown botanicals blended.  The bitter orange blossom scent also provides some serious aromatherapy benefits.

The Gracious Hostess Gift Guide on

  1. Minimalism meets luxury in the Henné Lip Collection.  The Luxury Organic Lip Balm (both in the pot and in the tube) just does the job, plain and simple.  Bursting full of plant-based organics oils and butters, Henné is my favorite for bedtime; when I wake up, my lips are soft, moisturized, and I can still feel the product on my lips.  The Organic Luxury Rose Diamond Lip Exfoliator is a lifesaver for dry, flaky lips in the dry, cold months as well.
  2. Mullein & Sparrow Bath Salts are handmade in small batches, and based on ancient Ayurvedic recipes for wellness.  Mineral-rich salt crystals replenish vital nutrients and aid in the relief of tired muscles and joints, while pure botanicals provide benefits of aromatherapy.  The glass bottles are beautiful enough to display anywhere in the home, long after the last bath has been taken.
  3. I love the luxe, androgynous minimalism of the J.M. Generals x Ayla Gift Set.  Jeffrey Monteiro, former design director for Mayle, Derek Lam, Tod’s, and Bill Blass, wanted to try something a little different.  He developed a goat’s milk-based body care collection that’s not even close to hippie-dippy.  In fact, it’s downright sophisticated.  The scent was was custom-developed for Ayla Beauty, and it’s both gorgeous and relaxing (Orange, Cardamom, Petitgrain and Bergamot).  However, it won’t linger or interfere with your favorite perfume, which also makes it perfectly unisex.
  4. Moon Juice is a Venice, CA juice bar and burgeoning wellness empire created by Amanda Chantal Bacon, a chef with a deep passion for health. Celebrities & foodies alike flock to Moon Juice for daily nourishment and beauty foods: these Moon Juice Cosmic Provisions & Snacks are positively delicious in addition to being remarkably good for you.
  5. This slow burning (60 hours!) By Rosie Jane Tilly Candle soy wax candle will fill the room with an irresistibly warm, yet refreshing scent of grapefruit, coconut & gardenia.  Many natural candles lack chic packaging, but this one looks just as fresh and clean as it smells.

The Mama-to-Be Gift Guide on

  1. Plume All-Natural Eyelash Enhancing Serum WORKS, and unlike Revitalash and Latisse, it is totally safe for pregnancy. Plume works by stimulating follicle growth while hydrating and protecting; lashes grow longer and stronger, so they don’t fall out as often as they do when you use nothing.  Ingredients like organic Aloe Aera, Castor Oil and Honey Extract moisturize and provide anti-fungal and antibacterial properties; ingredients like Watercress, Indian Cress, Coltsfoot Flower, Yarrow Flower and Peruvian Bark Extract have seemingly magical hair lengthening and strengthening powers.
  2. When New York Times beauty columnist Bee Shapiro became pregnant with her first child, she was frustrated with the lack of nontoxic luxury fragrance available.  She set out to create complex, sophisticated fragrances with renowned perfumer Jerome Epinette, and she nailed it.  My favorite is her Ellis Brooklyn Body Milk, Eu de Parfum and Scented Candle in Fable.
  3. A second-generation vintner in Napa Valley, April Gargiulo became pregnant with her first child, did her research, and realized all of her skincare had to go.  Then, she tried to find something 100% natural that actually worked – not just moisturized, but targeted discoloration, acne, fine lines and skin texture.  She came up with nothing and approached a long-time friend who also happened to be a natural skincare guru.  It took them 2 years and 15 versions of the serum until she was happy with the finished product, Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, but it was so worth it – this stuff is pure magic.
  4. Suti Fabulous Organic Foot Balm is incredibly hydrating and feels like pure love right before bed. Particularly wonderful for athletes, heel wearers, those that stand on their feet or need assistance in feeling emotionally grounded.  While it does contain three essential oils that some say should be avoided by expectant mothers, I’ve used it plenty of times without it inducing labor!
  5. Sophie La Giraffe Organic Baby Starter Kit is ideal for expecting parents, as an addition to any baby shower gift or anyone traveling with an infant or toddler.  Sophie la Girafe Baby is an extension of the world famous Sofie la Girafe Teethers, and it’s perfect for parents who wish to choose safe and high quality products for their precious ones.  This line is certified organic by EcoCert and the natural ingredients will pamper baby’s skin.

The Green Guy Gift Guide on

  1. The small mouth and silicone sleeve on the BKR Glass Water Bottle make it functional; the glass makes the water taste great; the unique colors and designs are chic and androgynous.  They’re great for everyone on your list, but they are a particularly good replacement for his old Nalgene from college.
  2. The S.W. Basics Best Sellers Mini Kit is the perfect way for him to sample their simple, effective skincare.  Cleanse, hydrate and tone on the go with these travel-sized goodies.  He’ll be hooked.
  3. Ursa Major Daily Skincare Set is another great option with androgynous packaging, making shareable, effective, nontoxic skincare available to everyone.  It contains their face wash, tonic, face balm and essential wipes (which I’m never without).
  4. My husband is addicted to Hurraw! Mint Lip Balm.  It does the job, and doesn’t roll off the nightstand, and you won’t have to kiss his gross-tasting chapstick lips ever again.
  5. Brickell Renewing Face Scrub, Smooth Brushless Shave Cream, and Instant Relief After Shave are super clean and very effective.  If he is addicted to Kiehl’s, this is the perfect replacement.