Priv It!


Every time I’m back in New York, the first thing I do when I get off the plane is get a blow-out and a fresh mani/pedi.  It just makes me feel ready for whatever pops up, be it work or play.  However, it just takes so. damn. long.  While I want to look my best, primping isn’t how I want to spend my precious time in the city.  Places to go!  People to see!

A new app has answered my prayers (as well as those of every female New Yorker, I imagine).  Priv allows one to order health and beauty services to his or her home, hotel, or office with a finger-swipe of an iPhone.  I called up my old friend, Nikki Hanson, who manages Priv’s PR and marketing, to get the scoop on the newest beauty-godsend on the market.


BB: How did Priv not already exist??!! Please tell us how the idea for Priv was born and about the team behind the app.

NH: We ask ourselves the exact same thing every day. It had never been done before and with these apps changing the world we thought the New York girl on the go will need hair, makeup and nails complete within an hour – not three – as well as having them all come to you wherever you are in Manhattan, may it be your office home or hotel. We really want to change the service of beauty today. We will always love going to the spa but we plan to change the normal persons daily routine.  Joseph Terzi is the genius web-developer who created the technology, Morris Sutton is the business investor, Courtney Jerden is head of all sales and I umbrella the Marketing, Branding and Public Relations.

BB: Did it take an act of congress to create an app? It seems like it would be an overwhelming process…

NH: Yes, it can be an overwhelming process. It’s taken over my whole life, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel very blessed and content in this period of my life. 

BB: How do you find and qualify the talent for hire?

NH: We host bi-monthly recruitment events and pull from our own personal networks of beauty and wellness industry contacts as well as the referrals we receive from our PRIV professionals. Each professional is individually vetted and goes through intensive training and on-boarding before they are let onto the app.

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BB: What is your most popular service request? What is it’s price point?

NH: Blowouts. It’s an incredibly convenient service at a price point that is competitive with salons and like with every PRIV service, the tax and tip is included. We are always in need of a blowout. It really makes your look complete and polished. A blowout and style costs $50, make up application is $60, Manicure is $35, a 1 hour personal training session including yoga/pilates is $125 and 1 hour massage is $125.

BB: What is your favorite service to book for yourself?

NH: Makeup. It’s something that when is done by a pro you can tell and at $60 its become a part of my weekly routine. Having it done at my desk over lunch or during a morning conference call is amazing and convenient. It’s changed my life.

BB: What is next for Priv?​

NH: We are growing very quickly, launching in Los Angeles and London by the end of the summer.

Thank you, Nikki!  To download priv, visit the app store or