The Most Important Article of 2014


If you only read one article for the rest of 2014, let it be this one.  If you don’t get to it, then it should be the first article you read in 2015.  I cannot stress enough how urgent it is that you take the time (five minutes, it’s short) to educate yourself.

I don’t normally like to write soapbox-y, controversial posts, but I honestly don’t think there is any controversy about the dire state of the agriculture industry in the US.  We are killing ourselves and our children with pesticides.  And if we live?  Stephanie Seneff, PhD, a senior research scientist at MIT, declared at a recent medical conference that approximately half of American children will be autistic by 2025.  Think about that.  This woman is not an activist, she is not a sensationalist.  She is a top scientist who has researched the relationship between health and nutrition for decades.

I’m not claiming to have all the answers and I understand that there are many other environmental risk factors lurking around out there that affect our well-being.  However, I am going to do everything in my power to protect my family’s health.  Other mothers can roll their eyes behind my back, my elders can think I am crazy or paranoid, my husband can bitch at me for our grocery bill.  I can handle that.  What I could not handle is having my child diagnosed with autism or cancer after years of telling her to finish her plate full of antibiotics, hormones and pesticides.  We may not have known better in the 70’s or 80’s, but now we do.  It is time to do better.

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