Mama Mondays: The Best Products for Baby

the best nontoxic products for baby on

It’s that day of the week again!  This Mama Monday, let’s talk Clean, nontoxic bathing and diapering products for baby.  A few of my girlfriends are expecting, and for their showers, I made each of them a basket of every lotion and potion baby might need for the first year.  In my very biased opinion, this makes a great gift.  As a new mom, there’s nothing worse than having to read a label or do extra research when you’re sleep-deprived and short on time.  Giving at least one product from each category below will ensure she doesn’t have to lift a finger (except maybe to reorder) for the first 6-12 months.  And, all of the products I list below I have used and loved; these are tried and true favorites in our home.*

Baby Wash, Bubble Bath, Baby Shampoo:

Diaper Cream:

  • Badger Zinc Oxide Diaper Cream: my favorite for sensitive bottoms that are prone to diaper rash (zinc oxide is a miracle ingredient for diaper rash)
  • Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm: my favorite for infancy – it’s antibacterial, but so gentle and great for preventing diaper rash, and great for soothing thrush, itchy bug bites, scrapes, chicken pox, minor rashes, and burns.
  • Zoe Organics Diaper Balm: creates a natural barrier to protect from moisture and bacteria; made with organic beeswax, cocoa butter, tea tree oil, calendula, lavender and chamomile.
  • Erbaviva Diaper Cream: made with soothing aloe and echinacea, which reduces redness, inflammation and pain.

Baby Lotion and Cream:

  • Earth Mama Angel Baby Lotion: again, the scent is unbeatable (it’s also available unscented).  I also like the consistency of this lotion; it is absorbed readily by the skin and spreads very easily.
  • Zoe Organics Cream: this is a richer cream, and can be used by the whole family.  It’s especially great for those who are extremely sensitive to essential oils, as it is fragrance-free.
  • Erbaviva Baby Lotion: calming, moisturizing, and gentle, with a lovely, subtle scent.
  • Acure Organics Bare Baby Lotion: this is a great cost-effective option, and the whole family can share it.

Baby Oil:

Bug Repellant:


Other Lotions, Potions, Wipes and Sticks:

Children’s Toothpaste & Toothbrushes:

the best nontoxic products for baby on

*Also pictured, and available at Whole Foods, are two absolute essentials (in my humble opinion): Weleda Calendula Cream Bath, which does not double as shampoo, is the perfect creamy, non-lathering body wash for baby’s first few months.  Nothing is gentler.  I loved it, and I’ll be purchasing this again for baby #2.  Also, baby’s first toothbrush should be a chewy, silicone version, like the little banana, pictured.  This makes teeth brushing fun and not-so-scary for little ones.

Whew!  That was a lot, but those are truly the best of the best, and I’ve tried them all.  In my opinion, The Choosy Chick and Integrity Botanicals have the best selection of Clean baby & child products.  Follain is also great.  And, it’s no wonder – all the owners are parents. 😉

What else do you want to learn about on Mama Mondays?  Currently on the schedule is my pregnancy skincare routine, essentials for new mamas, and my favorite books about conceiving, pregnancy and baby.

By the way, when people say that you gain an hour of sleep during daylight savings, I’m assuming that they do not have children….