March Moisture Masters: True Botanicals

This weather is crazy!  Charleston’s low yesterday – 30 degrees – set an all-time record for March.  I know that is nothing compared to what’s going on in the northeast right now, but to put things into perspective, we are usually in our bathing suits by mid-April!  My skin has been super-dry the last few weeks, and I have been reaching for more moisturizing formulas, specifically a few from my all-time favorite skincare line, True Botanicals.

For those of you who have not tried their Resurfacing Moisture Mask, you are in for a treat.  True Botanicals Exfoliating Moisture Mask is the perfect year-round mask for all skin types.  It is incredibly hydrating – but – it also happens to work wonders on clogged pores. Sugar Beet-derived Lactic Acid (a powerful Alpha Hydroxy Acid) “eats” dead skin cells without irritating; Avocado and Mango Butters provide humectant properties; Potato Flour brightens.  This mask feels super-tingly while you have it on, but once you rinse, skin is calm, bright and hydrated.  If you are looking for one good anti-aging mask, this is it.  Also, a little goes a long way, so it’s a great value.  Another bonus?  This mask goes on clear, so you won’t scare your children/lover while you treat yourself, and you only need to leave it on for 15 minutes (3-5 minutes for sensitive skin).  How is that for efficient?

True Botanicals Smoothing Eye & Lip Balm is one of my all time favorite products (I’ve been using the jar version for a long time, and now, it is available in a chic little refillable compact).  I use it on my lips year round, and in the winter, I use it on my eyes at bedtime over my eye serum or eye cream.  This super-gentle formula plumps and really seals in moisture.  Carrot Seed Oil restores elasticity and is packed with vitamins and antioxidants, the essential fatty acids in Grapeseed Oil combat wrinkles, and Evening Primrose Oil combats inflammation.

True Botanicals Deep Hydrating Body Oil is just a classic.  I love how well it moisturizes, but it is also highly-absorbent, and the scent is lovely.  I like to put a few pumps in a hot bath for a dose of aromatherapy, and bonus: I don’t have to apply lotion afterward.  Apricot Kernel Oil hydrates and plumps skin cells, Sesame Seed Oil helps skin retain moisture, and Watermelon Seed Oil restores elasticity.

What’s your favorite moisturizing product to use in the cold, dry months?