MJ’s Herbals: Nature’s Medicine Cabinet


Have you tried MJ’s Herbals yet?  While these salves might not be the most glamorous thing you’ve come across during NYFW, they have become my secret weapon and our family medicine cabinet won’t ever be without them.  Never greasy, these creamy, silky salves melt into skin, delivering pure, natural, herbal relief.

The Calendula Salve is great for eczema and all other dry, inflamed or irritated skin conditions.  I’m not sure I’ve come across an herb that matches calendula’s calming, soothing, healing properties.  This salve is also great for baby care, as it is super-gentle, yet potent.  Cost: $12.99.  Purchase it here.

The Arnica Salve works wonders on bruises, sore muscles, and even sprains.  Arnica works from the outside in, bringing pain relief and increasing circulation.  I had a bad fall at our dock this past summer (don’t laugh; I wasn’t drunk) and I swear this stuff made my bruises disappear faster than normal.  Cost: $12.99.  Purchase it here.

The First Aid Salve is basically nature’s Neosporin and no home should be without it.  A powerful blend of antiseptic, antibacterial and wound-healing herbs speed the recovery of cuts, scrapes, blemished and burns without synthetics or pore-clogging petroleum jelly.  Cost: $12.99.  Purchase it here.

The Lavender Salve works wonders with its aromatherapy benefits.  Massage this salve into pressure points like wrists, temples and the back of your neck to alleviate stress and anxiety.  It also works wonders on dry hands and feet.  Cost: 12.99.  Purchase it here.

The Breast Balm is a must for pregnant and nursing girls.  I wish I had noticed it a year ago.  I haven’t tried this one personally, but women swear that it prevents/reduces stretch marks and restores firmness and elasticity.  Maybe it’s never too late?  Cost: $15.99.  Purchase it here.

The gift set includes one of each salve for $65.  Purchase it here.