My Favorite Blemish Treatments

Most of you know that I owe my clear skin to True Botanicals (namely the CLEAR Collection for blemish prone skin), but what about when I’ve got one big, bad zit?  Right now, I have a few – for the first time in years – and I had to go back to my arsenal.  How do I actively treat it during the day?  What if I’m wearing makeup?  Well, there is a spot treatment for every situation and every type of acne.  Read on.

Osmia Organics Spot Treatment combats bacteria and inflammation with powerful essential oils while evening primrose oil soothes and heals the skin.  This product works best on pimples that are close to the surface, and it should be applied 3-5 times per day (under and over makeup).

Medik8 betaGel attacks and kills the worst blemishes, even cystic pimples, *without* over-drying the skin. It does contain salicylic acid, so preggos, beware.  However, it is certainly still clean enough by my standards, especially considering that I’m only using one little dot of it on my face.  This has been a top seller at Ayla Beauty since they opened their doors.  Great under and over makeup.

Indie Lee Blemish Stick works best on blemishes that actually need to be dried out.  It’s also easy to apply on the go throughout the day.  It’s great under makeup, but not on top of it.  This formula contains salicylic acid.  (Don’t forget to use my personal discount code, BB10 at LeVert Beauty.)

The Organic Pharmacy Blemish Gel is super-gentle, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin or those who are pregnant.  It is also a great product to use on a zit that has already erupted and needs help to resolve (heal).  Key ingredients include echinacea, tea tree, and manuka.  This one is great under makeup.

Other tricks?  Straight manuka honey works wonders if you can leave it on for a few hours; don’t touch your damn face (easier said than done, I know); try tossing some turmeric in your smoothie or make this turmeric latté, which helps with inflammation; wash your makeup brushes, pillow cases and towels at least weekly.

Happy weekend!