The Natural Beauty Files: Spirit Demerson of Spirit Beauty Lounge

Spirit Demerson at SBL HQ

Way back before Green Beauty was a movement, and before almost anyone but the hippie set analyzed the ingredients in their beauty and personal products, there was Spirit Demerson.  A former model, business and cosmetology student, store manager, artist, and even computer programmer, Spirit is a sponge for information and loves to learn about and research whatever she can get her hands on.  Studying each of these passions fittingly prepared Spirit for her true calling: the launch Spirit Beauty Lounge, the first multi-brand luxury online destination for Clean beauty, in 2008.  There, she set the bar for us all, and still maintains the very highest standards for health, efficacy and aesthetics.  We met up while I was in New York a few weeks ago and she is seriously even more stunning in person – her skin is, like, whoa, I’ll have what she’s having…  But more importantly, she is warm, kind and gracious.  Her name fits her perfectly.

A soon-to-be-released perfume…

BB: What inspired you to begin and what kept you going when it got tough?

SD: Pure passion for the products inspired me.  When it gets tough, invariably someone calls in or sends a card in the mail to thank us for doing what we do.  Women who’s lives we can make better by cultivating the products we do – they inspire me to keep going through the tough times. 

BB: What is your number one piece of advice for women who aspire to become an entrepreneur?

SD: If you even want to, you’ve probably got the DNA to do it.  It’s a gutsy, driven, hard-working, passionate person who wants to be an entrepreneur.  If that’s who you are, you will probably be rewarded with some level of success and accomplishment in whatever you do – so do it!

BB: Your skin looks immortal!  How do you keep it looking so good?  Are there rituals or products that you swear by?

SD: Aw shucks thank you! I’ve reached the age where my friends keep asking if I’ve botoxed. I have to furrow my brow to prove to them that it’s not frozen, it’s just preserved!  I’ve been using organic anti-aging skin care, and sunscreen religiously  for over 12 years now. I still struggle more than anything with dark circles and hyperpigmentation ( hence the extreme sun avoidance) but the skin care really works! There are so many products I find very effective. The important thing is remembering to use them – not occasionally, not when your skin starts to look bad, but every single day – and if you can, start young.  I’ve found the MUN No.1 Aknari Brightening Youth Serum to be awesome at reducing my dark circles, the Yüli Cell Perfecto PM to help noticeably with pigmentation, and the Amala Advanced Firming Complex to literally make forehead lines and laugh lines disappear. They’re among the most potent, effective products in my routine, which does include several more!

BB: What else do you do to take care of yourself?

SD: Green juice is a big part of my health routine. I started a diet of 3-4 juices or smoothies and one meal a day a couple years ago and it’s really great for me for feeling energetic and nourished and balanced. I know it’s not for everyone and I think there is something to your Ayurvedic dosha where it may be better for you to eat other types of foods and not just have green juice all day, but for me it’s awesome.  I also take the Pure Synergy Organic Prenatal  daily supplement.  I go to Crossfit 4 times a week and regretfully don’t do nearly as much yoga or meditation as I know I should. 

BB: What does Green Beauty still need?  Anything you wish existed?

SD: We’ve come so far – I honestly never have the conventional beauty “cravings” I used to have.  I would like to see more cleansing oil options and more hair oils, and a luxury body care line, but I have a feeling they’re all coming 🙂

BB: If you only have time to apply one cosmetic, it’s:

SD: I’ve been wearing my signature berry lip shade since I was 14!  Same with nails and toes. I know it’s bad to get stuck in a beauty rut but it’s me – it’s my color and I’m rarely caught without some version of it on.  Everyone who knows me knows my lip.  I also think lipstick is so transformational.  If it’s a bad hair day and all my good clothes are in the laundry, it’s jeans, tshirt, ballet flats and a bold lip = instant glamour.

BB: What is next for SBL?  Anything in the works that you can tell us about?  Any launches you are excited for?

SD: You know I always try to be like Apple and wait for the Big Reveal rather than say anything but we do have a new content website launching where you’ll be able to get all the tips, tutorials, inspiration and education for living an elevated, beautiful green lifestyle.  I’m really excited about it.  We also have a few new lines creating exclusive capsule collections for SBL. It’s going to be wonderful!

Some of my favorites
Dressing table-worthy packaging from Vered
And if you don’t know about SBL’s sample program…
Now you know.  It’s AWESOME.

By the way, if you are unsure of what color will suit you, whether a moisturizer will be too heavy, etc. try SBL’s sample program: 6 generous samples for $25.  I’ve found some of my favorites this way.

Thank you, Spirit, for letting us take a peak into the “lounge”!