It’s Never Too Late


I have heard a lot of my older family members declare, “well it’s too late for me, the damage is done”, referring to making healthy lifestyle changes in order to live a happier, easier, longer life.  It always upset me to hear this, because I really believe that to be untrue.  I’ve always thought that even small changes add up to a happier, healthier life, both now and later.  I was thrilled to read this article in the Huffington Post, which backs up my humble little theory.  More and more, scientists are discovering that it is possible to change our fate – we are not at the mercy of epigenetics (our family’s health history).

Another interesting (and quick!) read on this subject was written by my naturopath, Dr. Sherri Jacobs.  She purports that the foods we choose to eat are sending a signal to our cells, to our genes, to encourage either vitality or disease.  She also provides a list of foods proven to help detoxify our bodies so that organs like the kidneys and liver get a little help, and therefore, a little rest.

But it’s not just about food.  That body lotion that is loaded with parabens, phthalates, and other toxins is also burdening your system, preventing optimal health.

So, eat well, sweat, sleep, and remember that what goes on your body goes in your body.  Every little change helps!