New Lifesavers from Kahina Giving Beauty


You know that awful feeling of waking up to dry lips because your nighttime lip balm did not do its only job???  Well, that won’t ever happen to you if you use Kahina Giving Beauty Lip & Face Balm.  It is a brilliant little balm made at Kahina’s women’s co-op in Morocco and contains some of my favorite ingredients.  Calendula will soothe even the most sensitive, irritated skin and Blue Tansy is an anti-inflammatory and smells like heaven.  And the rich, velvety base of shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax and mango nut butter?  It doesn’t just hydrate, it seals in moisture.  This balm also comes in a pretty little jar that looks nice on your bedside table and doesn’t go rolling off into the night.  Cost: $44.  Purchase it here.


A lot of people have asked what I use on and around my eyes for day and night.  Currently, I’m addicted to the results I’ve gotten from Kahina Giving Beauty Prickly Pear Seed Oil.  Also made at their Fair trade Moroccan women’s co-op, this pure, organic oil is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants.  It neutralizes free radicals, restores elasticity and I’ve definitely seen a difference in my under-eye circles since using it.  If you want a product that delivers a lot of rich moisture to the eye area, but need something that is readily absorbed by the skin, this oil is your answer.  Note: other names for this type of oil are Barbary fig seed oil, Indian fig seed oil, and prickly cactus seed oil.  Cost: $38 for 10 ml.  Purchase it here.


And for a limited time, get a free trial-size Kahina Giving Beauty Fez Body Serum (an $18 value!) with any $50 Kahina purchase at Integrity Botanicals with the code KAHINA.