New Makeup Favorites

the best nontoxic makeup:
Photo: Bette Walker

Happy Friday!  A few of my favorite new (or at least recent) releases have fallen through the cracks!  I’ve shared them on Instagram, but with the summer being so busy, I never wrote about them on the good ole’ blog.  I’ve become more and more particular (okay, picky) when it comes to makeup – not the ingredients; I’ve been picky about those for a long time.  These days, with all the choices out there, (a good problem in the green beauty world) I have the luxury of being picky about performance, coverage, ease of application, etc.  My expectations are higher, and while I am grateful for all the options available to us, it’s my job to share the best of the best with you.  So, here we go!

kjaer weis review on

Kjaer Weis just launched some gorgeous lipsticks, (full review to come next week – they are awesome) but there are two other recent releases I’ve been wearing all summer.  Kjaer Weis eyeshadow in Angelic (a sheer pale rose quartz) works well as a base or a highlight, and their cream blush in Precious, (a natural, warm peach) have been on constant rotation, and I don’t plan on putting either away.  Both will be just as pretty all fall through and winter.  (Don’t forget to use my personal discount code, BB10, for 10% off your purchase at Levert Beauty.)

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I wrote about the new RMS Beauty Swift Eyeshadows last week, (they are SO good) but there were some other newly-released products this past summer that I really love that you should know about, too.  Rose Marie Swift, RMS Beauty’s founder, is a color genius; she created the most gorgeous Lip Shine in Content, which is the color of a red rose; it would flatter anyone.  And, we all know better than to wear bold blush with red lips, right?  RMS Beauty’s newest Lip2Cheek in Spell is a soft, rosy nude that brings just enough life to the cheeks.  I always reach for this whenever I wear a bold lip.

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Kosas is by far one of the best clean lipsticks on the market.  Creamy, moisturizing, semi-matte, and the longest-wearing natural formula on the market, I’ve been loving on them since their launch last year.  Over the summer, Kosas launched four absolutely gorgeous shades that will certainly take us into fall (clockwise from top left: Royal, Stardust, Thrillest and Electra).

That’s all for today!  I hope you have a great weekend, even though it’s football season.  (Kidding, kind of.)