November Beauty Heroes: Ayuna and Axiology

"So, what's a cream peel?" on

I wanted to make sure that I share November’s Beauty Heroes Box with you as soon as possible, because I know it’s going to sell out!  Why?  Well, one: because the products are SO unique and effective, and two: because it’s worth $205, and member will get it for less than $40!  Beauty Heroes is also offering another seasonal Beauty Discovery – the last one sold out so fast, so I wanted to let you know about that as well.  Read on for all the details on some amazing products.


"So, what's a cream peel?" on

This month’s Beauty Hero is the Essence Cream-in-Oil Peel from Ayuna.  It is essentially a gommage, which is a totally new product category to me.  Gommage means “erase” in French.  I get it; this stuff erases wrinkles, pores and dry skin, and the way you rub it off your skin mimics the rub of an eraser on paper.  This whipped cream exfoliant reveals skin’s radiance in three phases: First, Alpha-amino acids from Glutamic and Aspartic acids instantly trigger skin’s regenerative capabilities on contact. Next, a grainless gommage polishes and awakens the skin by gently sloughing away unwanted layers. Finally, the formula transforms into an oleo-essence finish that leaves skin irresistibly silky and smooth.  I applied a thin layer and left it on for about 15 minutes, then I “rolled” it off my face with my fingers (it’s oddly satisfying to do).  What’s left is radiant, soft, moisturized skin.  It is such a unique product, and I will definitely use the entire jar.  (It also smells incredible.)

"So, what's a cream peel?" on

This month’s box comes with not one, but two sidekicks.  First, Ayuna’s Artisan Soap’s saponified borage, olive and coconut oils and activated charcoal deeply detoxify, leaving skin clean and soft, but not stripped.  The formula also includes a botanical Activated Carbon that helps to eliminate toxins.  It’s great at removing makeup, but remember, it’s natural soap – don’t open your eyes!  It smells beautifully, and the fragrance is completely natural, of course.  The second sidekick is Ayuna’s Rejuvenating Cream II.  This thick, rich face cream is the perfect way to seal moisture into dry skin, and it’s ideal to use it after cleansing with Ayuna’s soap and exfoliating with their Essence Peel.  This cream contains Phyto-Peptides, which are a rare ingredient in clean beauty.  Phyto-Peptides noticeably increase collagen type i, iii and iv production, visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles.  This cream is a little heavy for my combination skin in humid Charleston, but I did use it for a few nights, and my skin felt so soft and looked plump and moisturized in the morning when I woke up.

Again, this month’s box is worth $205, but Beauty Heroes members will get it for less than $40, which is kind of mind-boggling.  It will be available until November 20th, or until it sells out, whichever comes first (but I think it will sell out fast).  You can sign up to receive this box here.  And, don’t forget that members get 15% off every purchase, every day at the Beauty Heroes Shop, which has an amazing clean beauty selection.

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I’ve been a fan of Axiology lipsticks since the very beginning, and I still am.  The colors are beautiful, and they have a lip balm feel that truly moisturizes lips while you’re wearing them  – that’s a rare quality in a highly-pigmented lipstick.  And, did you know that Axiology uses only earth-based pigments that are tested for heavy metals, and they contain no dyes or carmine?  Another tall order.  The packaging is also absolutely beautiful, and the clever, triangular boxes are made of recycled trash on Bali.  I’m not sure anyone else can say that, either.  So, obviously, this is a special product.  In this seasonal Beauty Heroes Makeup Discovery, you can choose one of three color ways: Natural, Daring or Bright.  (I chose Natural, surprise, surprise.)  A package of two lipsticks and one lip crayon (just as moisturizing as the lipstick, but with a matte finish) is only $45!  And, Beauty Heroes members get 15% off that price – such a steal.  This Beauty Discovery is available only while supplies last, so hop on it; it’s a good one.  (Cost: $45.  Actual Value: $86)

Hope your Monday is treating you well!