Operation Lose Baby Weight Wednesday: Tone it Up!


Okay, maybe I am late to the game, but have y’all watched Toned Up on Bravo?  LOVE!  I am not generally a reality TV fan, but this show is really fun.  It follows Karena and Katrina, two best friends and personal trainers, as they embark on Jane Fonda-esque fitness fame.  Their bodies are sick, but before you think, “yeah I could do that, too, if all I did was work out, go to bed early, have no fun (a.k.a. no booze, ever), and eat lettuce for every meal”, know that these girls are realistic, healthy and constantly giggling.  You will fall in love with them and their awesome workout routines.

They have a huge presence in the social media community with about 200,000 followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.  You can visit their website and sign up for workout routines, delicious recipes, and other fun healthy lifestyle tips, and they also have an app.  They have thought of everything; now you just need to get up off your old-man-winter-bottom and do it!