The Perfect Tool for Perfect Skin


I don’t normally write about beauty tools, but just in case you don’t already swear by it, I am going to do you a solid and tell you all about the The Pure Beautyblender.  I started using this magical makeup sponge about a month ago and it has totally changed the way makeup looks on my face – as in, you can’t really tell that I have any on when I use it.

I thought that would get your attention!  What sets this makeup sponge apart from the rest is that it doesn’t have edges, so it doesn’t leave streaks or lines on your pretty face.  And, unlike using your fingers, it doesn’t “smear” makeup on or leave it sitting on top of the skin.

Suggested Usage:
– Remove your dry Beautyblender from its canister.
– Saturate your Beautyblender with a lot of cold water until full size is achieved.
– Gently squeeze excess water out and dry with clean towel.
– Dip damp beautyblender into skincare or makeup of choice.
– Stipple or “bounce” motion onto skin until you achieve desired coverage.
– Store beautyblender pure on top of its reusable canister.
– The beautyblender pure will shrink, and when it is dry, you can put back into open canister.

Other tips:  You can use the Beautyblender with liquid, cream or powder makeup and I also love using the small tip to clean up the eye area when I’ve finished doing my eye makeup.  The round bottom portion is perfect for applying makeup to larger areas, like the forehead.  Wash your Beautyblender after every single use, ladies.  Bacteria ain’t pretty!  Cost: $20.  Purchase it here.

The Pure Beautyblender is free of synthetic dyes and it’s also latex-free.  This sponge lasts forever, but at the end of its life, you can send your trusty lil’ guy to be recycled:

Rea.deeming Beauty, Inc./beautyblender
3864 Courtney Street, Suite 280
Bethlehem, PA 18017