RMS at Pink Dot Beauty Bar


Attention Charleston Bare Beauties: Pink Dot Beauty Bar carries RMS!

I have waxed poetic before about RMS here.  I know many of you have been hesitant to make the switch to this Clean, coconut oil-based brand.  I understand.  It is a totally different medium than you are used to applying.  Personally, I definitely had a learning curve experience with these products, but I was persistent and now it is almost all I use on a normal day.  If only I had known that Meghan, Lisa or Andrew at Pink Dot could have given me a tutorial, my life would have been so much easier!


Pink Dot opened its doors in March 2013 and started carrying RMS almost immediately (apparently, I have been living under a rock).  In fact, it is the only retailer in South Carolina that carries this incredible line of products.  My personal favorite is the Living Luminizer.  It is seriously a life changer.  If you are local, go check it out!