RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer


It’s only October, but I bet you are missing your tan already.  So am I.  Lucky for us tan-orexics, RMS Beauty just launched their cream bronzer and it is beautiful!  Unlike many other bronzers, it doesn’t make my skin look too muddy and matte or too orange and sparkly.  The result is sheer, glowing and sun-kissed.  It also doubles as the perfect contouring agent for most skin tones and a luminizer for darker complexions.  Genius!  Cost: about $28.  Purchase it here or here (or at Pink Dot Beauty Bar if you are in Charleston).

As with most RMS products, application is key.  Give yourself some time to play.  You will get it right after one or two tries, I promise.  I kind of “pat” it on with the tip of my middle finger in the hollows of my cheeks, under my jawline, on the sides of my nose, on my temples, all the normal spots.  I also used it on my eyelids and lips for that “monochromatic look”.  I finished it with RMS un-powder, which is the queen of translucent finishing powders.  I swear, it air-brushes your face!