RMS Beauty: Diabolique Lip2Cheek



Back when I first saw photos of this year’s Met Gala, I was pretty disappointed with most of the guests hair, makeup, and attire.  However, Miranda Kerr nailed it.  She looked so perfectly glam-goth-gorgeous in Michael Kors (my personal fave).  And guess who did her makeup?  None other than Rose Marie Swift of RMS Beauty.  Rose Marie whipped up a custom lip color for Miranda that night and the reactions were so positive that she decided to add it to the collection; it is called Diabolique.  Cost: about $36 for .2 oz.  Purchase it here (or at Pink Dot Beauty Bar if you are in Charleston).

I really hesitate to put my photo anywhere near that of Miranda, but I wanted you to see what this lip color looked like on another skin tone.  Also, I only applied two coats, I didn’t use any liner, or sealer, or gloss, or anything else.  I am not usually a red lipstick girl; I feel a little too conspicuous and I am always afraid it’s on my teeth, my face, etc.  However, I must say that Lip2Cheek is really low-maintenance, even in this deep shade.  It never bled, got on my teeth, or dried out. #barebeautyapproved