Sensitive Skin? MyHavtorn + GWP


Rosacea? Eczema? Dry patches? Itchiness?  Redness?  Overall Sensitivity?  Not.  Fun.  While I do not have super-sensitive skin, many of you do, so I’ve been on the hunt for products that will make your life easier and your skin less reactive.  I am happy to say that I’ve discovered an entire line worth sharing with you.  MyHavtorn is a family-owned and operated company located in the Bollebygd Valley of Sweden.  There, the Johannson family has been sustainably growing and harvesting their own Sea Buckthorn for over 100 years.

What is Sea Buckthorn?  It’s basically a tiny orange-red berry with magical powers.  The cold-pressed oil from the seed and pulp of this cute little fruit packs a medicinal punch; it contains high levels of Vitamins A, C and E, a host of Essential Fatty Acids (Omega’s 3, 6, 7 and 9) and other antioxidants, which protect the body from free-radical damage, oxidation and cell damage.  The berry’s vivid shade colors MyHavtorn’s entire product line, so don’t be surprised at the site of red-gold oil or cream.


Unlike other Sea Buckthorn products on the market, MyHavtorn Organic Facial Oil blends their Sea Buckthorn oil with other cold-pressed, plant-based oils like argan, avocado and safflower (it’s a 50/50 ratio).  This creates a better consistency for daily use and optimum absorption.  This oil can be used AM and PM and also works well under other moisturizers or SPF’s.  I used it for several nights and and woke up to hydrated, glowy, less inflamed skin the following mornings.  This is particularly a hero-product if you have rosacea or super-sensitive skin that reacts to essential oils.  (If you’re hesitant to make the leap, you can try the mini-size for $15.)

I’m guessing the Swedes know a thing or two about dry, cracked Wintertime hands.  MyHavtorn Organic Hand Cream has made this an issue of the past for me.  It takes a lot for me to really love a hand cream, but this one is legit; it works and doesn’t leave my hands greasy.  MyHavtorn’s prize Sea Buckthorn makes this a must for those with sensitive skin.

Photo: Bette Walker

If you read Bare Beauty regularly, you know I love a good toner.  Not a sting-your-skin astringent, but a traditional toner that restores pH balance and primes skin for face oil, serum or moisturizer.  MyHavtorn’s Organic Essence is suitable for all skin types, especially those who are sensitive and/or acne prone.  And, if you’re sensitive, but on the oily side, it’s especially great for thinning out their face oil.

Ayla Beauty counts MyHavtorn Organic Body Oil as a best seller, and it’s easy to see why.  The consistency is lovely, it is readily absorbed by the skin and it hydrates for a full 24 hours.  Nutrient-rich, plant-based oils like Sea Buckhorn, Avocado, Sesame, Rapeseed and Safflower attack free radicals while boosting elasticity, and the scent soft, subtle and pretty.  If you are a body oil junkie and you’re looking for the best anti-aging body oil on the market, this is it.  And, of course, it is sensitive-skin-approved.

MyHavtorn just released a new, Oil-Based Organic Cleanser, which I really love.  As you probably know, I’m a devoted double-cleanser, and this formula is top-notch.  Nutrient-dense oils like Sea Buckthorn, Sesame, Coconut and Rapeseed don’t just nourish and moisturize, but they have a calming, healing, anti-inflammatory effect on the skin as well.  I like to follow up with a gentle foaming cleanser, but if you have dry skin, you may just want to use this with a clean, warm, damp muslin cloth and follow with MyHavtorn’s face oil.  This cleanser is also great at removing makeup and sunscreen.  *Always shake the bottle well before using.*

Aaaaaannnnd, while supplies last, you will receive a FREE Mini-Size MyHavtorn Organic Facial Oil with your purchase of MyHavtorn Oil-Based Organic Cleanser from Ayla Beauty.

How’s that for being sensitive?