Sensitive Skin Saviors: CALM by True Botanicals

Sensitive skin can be so frustrating; inflammation seems to come out of nowhere, and it can be so tricky to predict how your skin will react to new products.  Thankfully, I do not suffer from overly-sensitive skin, so when True Botanicals sent me their CALM line to test, I decided to spread the love and share it with some super-sensi friends to gauge its efficacy.  The short answer: they love it.  Also, scroll down for details on an amazing GIVEAWAY.

If your skin is rosacea-prone, easily irritated or inflamed, or if it’s over-exfoliated (Clarisonic and Retin-A, anyone?), True Botanicals CALM products are for you.  The line uses soothing ingredients like aloe vera, oat extract, helichrysum, and pomegranate seed oil to fight inflammation.  True Botanicals also stresses that a non-nano Zinc-Oxide sunscreen should be used daily if one experiences rosacea, as zinc oxide is a naturally soothing mineral, and the suns’ rays aggravate the redness associated with rosacea and other sensitive skin conditions.

True Botanicals CALM Hydrating Cleanser is low-lather, but it effectively removes makeup, sunscreen, and daily pollutants while soothing skin with Aloe Vera, Green and White Tea, and Avena Oat Extract.  And, unlike many cleansers that are marketed for sensitive skin, this formula is totally clean and nontoxic.

True Botanicals CALM Nutrient Mist instantly calms inflamed skin with Avena Oat Extract and Blue Chamomile while Algae Oil moisturizes and prevents trans epidermal water loss.  Those with sensitive skin swear by the soothing properties of this mist, and say that it immediately relieves any minor irritation.

True Botanicals CALM Pure Radiance Oil soothes sensitive skin with Helichrysum Oil while Pomegranate Seed Oil and Grape Seed Oil soften wrinkles and nourish aging skin.  Friends with sensitive skin have said that this oil made their skin much softer, smoother, and more moisturized within just a few days.

True Botanicals CALM Cellular Repair Serum employs Hyaluronic Acid to improve barrier function and moisture retention, which results in a dewy, plump complexion.  Another key ingredient is True Botanicals’ signature Bioferment, which  boosts collagen production and inhibits melanin production, resulting in a more even, clear complexion.  Last, Calendula and Plantgo extracts impart cooling, healing properties that calm any inflammation.  Sensitive-skinned friends have told me that while thy cannot tolerate True Botanicals Cellular Repair Serum from the CLEAR or RENEW lines, they love what the CALM Cellular Repair Serum does for their skin; they wake up to less redness and less blotchiness in just one night.

True Botanicals Everyday Sheer Coverage SPF 20 is my daily go-to sunscreen.  I wear it every single day, and I love it’s coverage and finish so much that I even use it under my makeup for evenings out.  It’s texture is feather-light and almost watery; it sinks right into the skin and dries to a semi-matte, powdery finish.  The coverage is light, (it doesn’t cover up freckles) but this product’s star ingredient, pearl powder, evens out skin tone, minimizes imperfections and generally illuminates the complexion.  I also love that I can wear makeup over it without looking like I’m wearing a caked-on mask.  Everyday Sheer Coverage SPF 20 comes in Light (which I wear in the Fall/Winter) and Medium (which I wear in the Spring/Summer).  Friends with sensitive skin say that between this product and the CALM line, their redness just disappears.

As I said earlier, I don’t have sensitive skin, but I do have acne-prone skin.  True Botanicals CLEAR products have been part of my daily skincare regimen for over two years and I barely ever experience a breakout anymore.  I’ve reviewed them extensively on Bare Beauty; if you want more information on them, just search for True Botanicals in the blog’s search bar.

Full disclosure: I did have one friend with sensitive skin who had a reaction to the CALM line – but that shouldn’t discourage you from giving it a try.  True Botanicals has a 30-day return policy!  I doubt you’ll have to use it.  😉

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