Spring Cleaning with The Optimist Co.

So, how’s your spring cleaning going?  …yeah, mine, too.  It seems that for every item I get rid of, another appears at my doorstep in an Amazon Prime box.  I just can’t seem to win the war on clutter these days…  Obviously, Marie Kondo (The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up) wrote her book before having children!  One thing I do feel good about is that I’ve finally found my favorite household cleaning line, The Optimist Co.  (Scroll down for a coupon code and giveaway.)

While pregnant with her second child, Devin Donaldson suffered an asthma attack while she was using a leading “green” cleaning product.  A natural optimist, she set out to create a truly nontoxic, effective household cleaner collection that she could be proud of, complete with an ingredient list we can all understand and pronounce.  The Optimist Co.’s products are made with whole, nontoxic ingredients like essential oils, distilled water, vinegar and castile soap.  And, you know what?  Not only do Devin’s products smell great (like, aromatherapy-great), but I find they actually work better than what I can typically buy at the store.  The Optimist Co. is also the only product line I know of that encourages you to make your products yourself.  In addition to their products, they also offer a DIY kit for refills.  So cool!

My favorite product has to be the Loads of Laughs Natural Laundry Suds and Softener.  This powder detergent just WORKS, and the lavender and eucalyptus essential oils make it smell so fresh and uplifting.  This is the way laundry should smell!  Many readers ask me for laundry detergent recommendations, and aside from Green Shield, which is great for babies and those with very sensitive skin, The Optimist Co.’s is the best I have found.  I’ve also tested out the Time to Shine All Purpose Cleaner, Bright Side Window & Glass Cleaner, and the Room & Air Spray.  They all work so well, and their natural scents leave me with a good attitude and my house smelling fresh, not of icky chemicals.

The Optimist Co. and I have teamed up to offer Bare Beauty readers a 15% discount on your entire order with code BAREBEAUTY.  We’re also going doing a  giveaway (the Green Your Home complete set, a $40 value) tonight on Instagram around 9pm EST, so check my profile (@barebeautyblog) for details!

If you have to do housework, you might as well not kill yourself doing it.