Strange Invisible Perfumes Giveaway!


As long as I’ve been into Green Beauty, I’ve been a fan of Strange Invisible Perfumes; I’ve been wearing their scents for years.  They are the pinnacle of nontoxic luxury fragrance.  Using ZERO synthetic ingredients, botanical perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis formulates each original fragrance with certified organic, wildcrafted, biodynamic, and hydro-distilled¹ essences in Venice, California. Limited batches are then reverently hand-blended, set into a base of custom-distilled esprit de Cognac,² and aged for a minimum of six months. All Strange Invisible Perfumes are completely botanical and unfiltered.

  1. Hydro-distillation is a gentle immersion method that captures the complete aromatic profile of a plant, including the fine aroma chemicals that cannot be captured with steam distillation.
  2. Esprit de Cognac is the original perfumers’ alcohol used in France from the sixteenth through the eighteenth century. Strange Invisible Perfumes commissions a twelfth-generation master distiller in Napa Valley to produce this premium spirit from non-GMO, pesticide-free grapes.

To be frank, Strange Invisible Perfumes are pricey, but as with anything else, you get what you pay for.  Each fragrance is lush, complex and adjusts to the body chemistry of its wearer (many are unisex).  This creates a truly personalized scent that the synthetic variety can never give us (these perfumes will never “wear you”).  My personal favorite is Black Rosette (I want to bathe in it), but I can’t say there are any that I dislike.  Maybe that is the result of this rare art form of botanical perfumery…

The perfect way to sample Strange Invisibles is to first invest in their Minibar, which includes Aquarian Rose, Atlantic, Black Rosette, Dimanche, Epic Gardenia, Essence of IX, Fair Verona, L’Invisible, Magazine Street, Musc Botanique, Peloponnesian and Prima Ballerina as well as a $50 gift card to use toward a future purchase.  This beautifully presented, handmade gold-engraved box makes a gorgeous, thoughtful gift.

In fact, SIP and I are teaming up to GIVE a lucky Bare Beauty reader the Strange Invisible Perfume Minibar + a $50 gift card for Valentine’s Day!  To enter, follow both @barebeautyblog and @strangeinvisible on Instagram.  Look out for my post on Instagram tonight (2/8/16) at 9pm EST.  Like it, and tag a friend.  Simple!  The winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day at 9pm EST in the comments of the same post.

Good Luck!