Terra’s Kitchen: Clean Meals Delivered to Your Door

Terra's Kitchen Review on barebeauty.com
All photos: Bette Walker

Has anyone else had a hard time getting back into the swing of things this fall?  Our family has been very busy lately, and Sunday grocery shopping and meal prep just isn’t happening.  I know we will get there, but in the meantime, we have been experimenting with dinner subscription services so we don’t succumb to crappy takeout.  I met the folks from Terra’s Kitchen at The Southern C Summit last May, and we recently had four meals’ worth of ingredients sent to us over over two weeks.  Read on for my full review, a COUPON CODE and a GIVEAWAY.

Terra's Kitchen Review on barebeauty.com

First, this is not an annoying subscription service.  You choose which meals you want for how many people you’ll be feeding from an extensive menu that calls out ingredients like milk, soy, nuts and gluten.  (It was vey easy for me to find dairy-free meals for our family.)  You can skip meals, or cancel anytime.  Terra’s Kitchen never uses artificial or processed ingredients, and they offer a growing number of organic options and all of the meats and poultry are antibiotic and hormone free (in the coming months most of their protein sources will be organic) and their fish is sustainably raised.  They source organic and non-gmo ingredients whenever possible.

Terra's Kitchen Review on barebeauty.com

These meals are EASY to make.  Everything is pre-portioned and prepped, so everything comes together in 30 minutes or less.  Seriously, I timed it.  Their beautiful recipe cards are included in each shipment for each meal, and break everything down, step by step, and even include suggested wine pairings.  All of this minimizes stress and maximizes time spent with my family around the dinner table on busy weeknights.

Terra's Kitchen Review on barebeauty.com

Terra’s Kitchen is serious about sustainability, and they have “The Vessel” to prove it.  The Vessel may be the coolest thing about this company – the wasteful packaging other meal delivery companies use always makes me a little ill.  The Vessel  is reusable, climate-controlled and holds ingredients for up to two meals.  Interior drawers keep produced from being smashed, and meats, poultry and seafood properly separated.  After you remove your ingredients and put them in the refrigerator, just stick on the prepaid shipping label, and place the vessel outside your door than night.  The next morning, Fedex retrieves it and sends it back to Terra’s Kitchen, where it is sanitized and upcycled up to 100 times.  Isn’t that so awesome?

Terra's Kitchen Review on barebeauty.com

All four of the recipes that we cooked were easy to make, delicious and healthy.  The photo above is of the Southwestern Steak and Sweet Potato Bowl.  I added baby kale or mixed greens of some sort to most of our dishes, as the lighter meal options we ordered were on the smaller side.  Next time I place an order, it will be for four servings instead of two, so Richard and I can fill up, Annabel can eat the same meal we eat, and we have just enough leftover for my lunch.  Even then, it will still be a great deal, at about $12 per serving for a meal that is healthy, easy to make, delivered to our door and allows us to eat at home as a family.

Still have questions?  Check out Terra’s Kitchen FAQ’s here.

Ready to try it for yourself?  Use the code BAREBEAUTY for $30 off your first order.  (Remember, you can cancel anytime; there is no commitment.)

Feeling lucky?  Terra’s Kitchen and I are also teaming up for an Instagram giveaway!

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