The Kari Gran System

Photo: Bette Walker

I’ve recently been sampling the Kari Gran product line and I’m really impressed.  Let’s discuss.

First, we need to talk about their Lip Whip.  Like, Holy $#*+!!!  Where has this stuff been all my life?!    Throw away your Rosebud Salve right now.  Best lip product in a pot ever made, right here.  It really is a “whipped” balm, so it’s soft and light and easy to apply.  No digging required.  Lip Whip is incredibly moisturizing (it’s still on your lips when you wake up the next morning) and it’s kind of thick, in a good way.  Organic beeswax locks in moisture to heal dry, cracked lips and a host of other organic oils nourish and rejuvenate.  It also looks so pretty on.  I really love the tinted version, which gives that subtle, slightly pink, your-lips-but-better look.  Cost: $15.

As for Kari Gran Skincare, the ingredients are impeccable.  Everything is non-GMO, Organic, wild-harvested, etc.  It is suitable for most skin types, especially normal/dry/sensitive.

I really love the Cleansing Oil.  (I’ve made it pretty clear that I am a big fan of double-cleansing, but you can read more about it here.)  I often use coconut oil to double-cleanse, but I love the way this oil feels and smells and honestly, it is nice to have it ready to use in liquid form from a pump bottle.  Cost: $30 for 3.4 oz.

The Hydrating Tonic is a very effective toner, especially if you have dry skin.  It is completely water-free and alcohol-free, which means it is super-moisturizing.  It feels and smells great and the high aloe vera content makes it great for a slightly sunburned face or cuts/scrapes.  Cost: $35 for 3.4 oz.

The Essential Serum is packed with high-quality, superstar ingredients like Camellia, Rosehip, Calendula, and Seabuckthorn oils, which make the serum perfect for signs of premature aging and moisture loss.  The texture is medium-weight and silky.  If you’re looking for a moisturizing, anti-aging, well-priced serum, you just found it.  Cost: $60 for 3.4 oz.

If you’re curious, or you’ve been thinking about trying a new skincare routine, try the Kari Gran Starter Kit, which lasts about two weeks.  (It’s also a no-brainer for travel.)  I love how simple it seems, but it really does have all “the right stuff”.  (NKOTB, anyone?  That song will be in my head all day now.) Cost: $35.

Happy Thursday!