My Top Five Must-Haves for Fall at Eco Diva Beauty

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I was so flattered when Garcy Fry, president of Eco Diva Beauty, asked me to share my top five Fall must-haves with her Eco Diva Blog readers.  Come the colder seasons, the two aspects of my beauty routine that I tend to focus on are moisture and a more sophisticated color palate.

1.  May Lindstrom The Good Stuff:

This is one of those products that you didn’t know you needed and now you wonder what you did before you owned it.  It smells heavenly, absorbs quickly, and leaves skin soft, moisturized, and shimmering (but not sparkly, ew).  I actually look forward to showering just so I can apply The Good Stuff!


2.  Kahina Giving Beauty Eye Cream: 

This eye cream is my all-time favorite.  It sinks right in, it is extremely hydrating without being greasy, and the effects last all day.  It is also very gentle; there is no reason for you to have watery eyes or stinging skin ever again!


3.  One Love Organics Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm:

A cure-all!  I absolutely love double-cleansing with this product, but it can also be used as a salve for scaly spots or a leave-in treatment for dry ends.  A travel must-have.


4.  Kjaer Weiss Organic Eyeshadow in Cloud Nine, Wisdom, & Onyx:

A lady-like look does not need to be tedious!  Cloud Nine all over, Wisdom in the crease, line with Onyx.  Done.  Kjaer Weiss’ colors are at once subdued and refined and they work on everyone.


5.  RGB 5 Free Nail Polish in Oxblood:

This color is a fresh take on the classic vampy reds and plums that I love in the Winter.  It is dark and sophisticated, but saturated and rich, so it never looks goth.


All products available at Eco Diva Beauty.