What’s in her Bag? Ana of LeVert Beauty

Hi!  I’m already loving this “What’s in Her Bag” series, and it seems like a lot of you are, too!  This week, please welcome my friend, and founder of LeVert Beauty, Ana Congdon.  Like many women, Once becoming pregnant with her first child, Ana (a former PR maven) began to question the industry “norms,” and all she had previously known, researched, written, supported and used within the beauty world when many of her everyday product ingredients were ‘not advised or suggested for pregnant women’, which begged the critical question of what’s inside conventional beauty products and how that particular unregulated industry is effecting people’s health.  Enter: LeVert Beauty.  Ana is a woman after my own heart; a chic, pragmatic minimalist, and a hands-on mama.  See what’s always in her bag, below!
  1. Gerolsteiner Sparkling Water – My new naturopath doctor suggested I switch from S. Pellegrino and I haven’t looked back. This brand is much healthier in terms of water and mineral quality, no BPA or phthalates in sight thanks to its glass bottle and low sodium option. I always carry one with me, the ultimate sparkling water indeed!
  2. MacroBar – Easily the most delicious, gluten-free, dairy-free on-the-go option that I end up sharing with my toddlers, which is perfect as they’re sensitive to dairy as well. These are incredibly filling and I honestly have such a weakness for them, particularly the peanut chocolate version (it’s a real problem).
  3. Box Wipes – My bag is not complete without these because they can handle almost anything my crazy day brings: office/desk wipes, hand wipes, post workout refresher, and any spills on clothing can be quickly rubbed with them as well! I tend to go back-and-forth from these Cucumber & Witch Hazel to the Rosewater ones.
  4. Henné Lip Balm – There’s just no way I can be without Henné now. I stash these everywhere from my purse, to my desk, to my car, to my nightstand.
  5. Kjaer Weis Foundation in Just Sheer – I keep a backup close to me and use it for concealer-like touch ups when needed. It’s so helpful and hands-down a foundation favorite.
  6. Dr. Bronners Lavender Hand Sanitizing Spray – Even though its recommended to wash hands over using santizers, I have trouble with so many places yet to switch to toxin-free hand soaps, so I’ll keep this on hand to make sure at least the boys and I are using a clean option whenever possible.
  7. ILIA Lip Crayon – I love keeping ILIA in my bag for a sheer pop of color that perks me up on-the-go, and if needed, can be layered are applied for last-minute more dramatic look.
  8. Wallet – As much as I love certain trends I will always choose a classic, minimalist pieces above all else and I’m a neutrals girl through and through.
  9. I also keep two notepads and two sets of crayons because these can be huge lifesavers with two boys under 5 in public!
  10. Also not pictured: an embarrassing amount of receipts. 😉

It’s kind of scary how similar the contents of Ana’s bag are to my own.  My favorite juxtaposition is the Chanel wallet next to old crayons and receipts.  #momlife

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