Why I’ve Been So Quiet…

Hey, friends!  Maybe you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been posting to the blog or social media as often over the last few months.  (Or, maybe you’ve been too busy living your life to notice!)  Either way, I can’t hold in this “secret” in any longer.  I’ve been working (so, so hard) on a side project for almost THREE years, and it has been the longest pregnancy, ever.  I am finally about to give birth, and now is as good a time as any to tell you what I’ve been up to.


This winter, I am opening a luxury nontoxic nail salon here in Charleston with two partners.  The idea was born even before the idea for Bare Beauty was born, if you can believe it.  But, the time was never right – until now.  I can’t tell you all the details yet, but I am so excited to take you on this journey with me.  In no way will I be abandoning Bare Beauty.  I have also been very busy redesigning Bare Beauty’s branding and website – she will be getting a fresh new look that I know you will love, and it will be even easier to search for – and find – what you are looking for.  I have always wanted this blog to be a resource for you, not just a shopping destination, and I promise that won’t change.

The new project is called The Water Room.  I hope you follow along, (@thewaterroomofficial) and if you’re local, or if you’re visiting, I hope you come see us.  One of the greatest joys of writing this blog is connecting with my readers and followers, and I cannot wait to meet you, talk clean beauty with you, and take care of you.

The inspiration for The Water Room came to me about 7 years ago.  I was elbow-deep in my transition to clean beauty, and I walked into a tenoverten nail salon in New York for the first time.  It was fabulous – a clean, nontoxic, upscale nail salon that catered to both busy women who were pressed for time, and to those who wanted to take the time for some serious self care.  All the technicians were professional, the prices weren’t astronomical, and it was just such a superior experience compared to the average nail salon.  All I could think of was how badly Charleston needed something like this.  A few years later, I read the two-part article in the New York Times that uncovered the atrocious treatment of nail technicians by nail salon owners, and outlined the extremely toxic environment they and their patrons are exposed to because of the unregulated chemicals present in conventional nail treatments.  (I know that is a run-on sentence, but I’m ok with it.)  As with clean beauty, the best way to affect change is from the ground up, and that is what we plan to do.


SO.  At The Water Room, we are inspired.  We are inspired to take care of our staff.  We are inspired to take care of our customers.  We are inspired to take care of this beautiful planet.  We just want to do it right.

We will be opening soon, and we are hiring nail technicians and front desk coordinators.  If you have a nail tech you love in or near Charleston, but you don’t love the salon she’s working in, please send her our way – inquiries and resumes can be emailed to allison@thewaterroom.com.  We will take good care of both of you.  🙂

Stay tuned for more details!  And, I’ll be back to more regular blog posts soon, I promise.







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2 thoughts on “Why I’ve Been So Quiet…

  1. Good Luck Jessica!! It sounds great. I will come visit Nailshop when I visit Charleston….soon I hope!
    Love You,
    Aunt Diane

  2. I am so excited for you! Congratulations!! I didn’t start getting manicures until later in life and I was amazed at how much more empowered and positive I felt about myself when my nails are done… but then I transitioned to clean beauty and now manicures are few and far between. I am so eager to get an organic nail salon in my city and Charleston is lucky to have nailshop. Congratulations again!

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