Bare Beauty Journal: A Fresh Start

We’re back and ready to roll!

I’m baaaaaack!  Happy New Year!  I hope you had a truly joyful holiday season.  Ours was so fun, so happy and so busy.  We haven’t had a good catch-up lately, so I thought I’d let you in on the last few weeks over here.

On December 8th, I was a special guest at The Green Beauty Event, which was put on by Ooh! Beautiful and Ooh! Events.  There were fabulous pop-up shops from Tata Harper and RMS Beauty, skincare demonstrations and makeovers by the ladies of Ooh! Beautiful (they are SO talented).  And, champagne, lots of champagne.  It was such a fun, positive evening; lots of Bare Beauties came to show their support and do some holiday shopping.  If you are local to Charleston and need some help selecting new Clean makeup, Ooh! Beautiful is definitely the place to go.  Charlotte and Megan are super-sweet, knowledgeable and not at all pushy.

Public Speaking + Champagne = Winging it.
Charlotte of Ooh! Beautiful is a makeup mastermind.
Daniel from Tata Harper schooled us on skincare.

Richard surprised me with a trip to Miami for his birthday the weekend before Christmas, which was really sweet.  I can’t tell you the anxiety I had leaving all my to-do’s behind, not to mention our child, but we needed it.  I don’t think we’d had a meaningful conversation in weeks!  (What do you want for dinner?  Have you seen my keys?  Are you picking Annabel up from school, or am I?)  Seriously, how does it get to that point?!  We went to see College of Charleston play Miami in basketball, we hung by the pool, and we ate an incredible meal at Mandolin in the Design District.  Oh, and we stayed at The One, which is a new, very chic, eco-minded hotel.  No plastic, anywhere, and organic everything.  I was in absolute heaven.

One Happy Mama


Miami’s Design District


Hand-blown glasses, organic snacks, and unlimited filtered water in every room at The One Hotel in South Beach.  I’ll be back.

Annabel, in true Sagittarius fashion, is a big fan of Christmas.  She sang jungle bells in her crib every night until she feel asleep for weeks, sat on the lap of any Santa who would see her, and became obsessed with Christmas trees and ripping open presents.  We also had the best time making Clean gingerbread cookies together.  She really loves to “help”.  Our gift to her was the Hape Eco-Kitchen, which is aesthetically pleasing (I do have to look at it every day), made of sustainable timber and is totally nontoxic and plastic-free.  She has been making me some mean “cookie soup” on the daily; I know you’re jealous.  We did make it to the best Christmas Eve church service ever, which got me thinking…  We haven’t volunteered much since Annabel was born; I think that next Christmas will be a perfect opportunity to do so as a family.  We are very blessed, and I want Annabel grow up to know the true joy of giving.

Santa’s BFF


Mommy’s lil’ helper
The House Specialty is Cookie Soup



All the gifts under our tree were wrapped in Wrappily’s Eco-wrapping paper.


The only pic we got together the whole season!


80 degree boat days in December got me thinking…

Tomorrow, let’s talk New Year Resolutions, Cleanses, and Resets of all kinds.