A Pretty Pick-Me-Up


I hate the term “hump-day”, but seriously, is it Friday yet?  A few things that are making a difference in my skin/mood/general appearance:

Kahina Giving Beauty Fez Perfume Oil:  Since Kahina came out with Fez Body Serum and Hand and Body Balm a while back, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with this fragrance.  When Katharine told me at A Night for Green Beauty that she was launching a Fez Perfume Oil, I wanted to kiss her.  Actually, I might have…  This scent is spicy and floral and sexy and mysterious.  It is perfect for Fall/Winter.  Unlike some perfume oils, the scent lasts all day, and it comes in a very generous .5oz rollerball bottle that you can just throw in your bag.

Alima Pure Natural Definition Eye Pencil in Paper:  Do you get less than eight hours of sleep?  You need this.  Are you over the age of thirty?  You really need this.  Are you a mother?  Just buy it and thank me later.  White eyeliner worn on the lower waterline (the inner rim of the lower eyelid) is one of the oldest tricks in the celebrity-makeup artist book.  It makes everyone look refreshed, awake, younger, you know, everything you wish you were.  I used to use a white eyeliner like this back in the day, but it was so…. WHITE.  Phosphorescent, Alima Pure is not.  It actually fades kind of perfectly in just a few minutes to a no-makeup-makeup-kind-of-look.  I’m hooked.

Tammy Fender Epi-Peel: This product is like a facial in a jar.  It’s amazing.  It applies like a fine-grit exfoliating scrub, but it dries in five minutes like a clay mask.  I gently exfoliate my skin by applying it in a light, circular, upward motion with any fingers.  Then, I let it dry and rinse it off a few minutes later.  Glowing skin: accomplished.  You all know how picky I am about masks; this one is a new favorite.

Tammy Fender Quintessential Face Serum: I totally forgot to review this product a few months back, and it definitely deserves one!  I used this after I had IPL done at the end of the summer, and it soothed my skin unlike anything else.  This is a must-have for anyone who has extremely dry/dehydrated/mature/weathered skin.  It is so thick and concentrated that a drop totally stands still on your fingertip, but it once applied, skin drinks it in.  High in essential fatty acids and linolenic oils, this serum is extremely healing and hydrating.  I can see why it is one of Tammy Fender’s best sellers.

 Okay, you can go back to eating Halloween candy now.  I’ll post a good cleanse recipe later this week just for you.  😉