Bare Beauty Ultimate Holiday Giveaway 2018

It’s here!  It’s here!  It’s finally time for the annual Bare Beauty Ultimate Holiday Giveaway, and it is SO good!  This year’s prize is worth over $3800.  There are no random fillers in this giveaway, only the very best of clean beauty; all my favorites are here.  Read on to see what is included and scroll down to enter!

Here is what one lucky winner will receive:

  • True Botanicals CLEAR Collection + Antioxidant Booster
  • Kosas Color Trifecta
  • All 4 of Maya Chia‘s Highlight of the Day Serum
  • Suntegrity Body Sunscreen & Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen & Primer SPF 30
  • Henné Organics Luxury Lip Balm, Lip Balm V2, Rose Lip Exfoliator, Lip Tint in Bare, Lip Serum and Lip Mask
  • RMS Beauty Digestive Enzyme, Wild With Desire Lipstick in RMS Red, and Lipliner in Dressed Up Red
  • W3LL PEOPLE Bio Baked Bronzer, Bio Brightener Baked Powder, Expressionist Mascara, Expressionist Liquid Eyeliner and Optimist Semi-Matte Lipstick
  • The Kjaer Weis Collector’s Kit
  • A $500 gift card to AILLEA (to fill up that Kjaer Weis Collector’s Kit palette, of course!)
  • Plume Limited Edition Brow Collection (in the color of the winner’s choice)
  • MZ Wallance x tenoverten nontoxic nail care kit + tenoverten dryer drops
  • Rahua Color Full Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask
  • Herbalore Catalyst Gold Supplement
  • 9 different Urban Moonshine herbal tonics and digestive bitters
  • Lite & Cycle essential oil candle in Urban Forest
  • Ursa Major Travel Essentials Kit + Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant
  • One Love Organics Vitamin E Eye Balm and Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover
  • The Goodnight Co. Silk Pillow Case and Silk Sleep Mask
  • A huge assortment of bath, body and skin care from Weleda
  • Kari Gran Lip Whip Holiday Bundle
  • Laurel Whole Plant Organics Eye Serum and Sun Damage Repair Serum
  • Vitruvi Stone Diffuser and 5 Essential Oils
  • Alexis Smart Flower Remedies Beauty Formula No. 7, Beauty Formula No. 8, and Limited Edition Sun Moon Room Spray
  • 3 Vapour Organic Beauty AER Next Level Deodorants in Palo Santo, Lavender, and Grapefruit.
  • 5 Yina Divine All Seasons Bio Cellulose Sheet Masks and Guiying Décolletage Treatment
  • Jenny Patinkin Luxury Vegan 4 Brush Travel Set and Rose on Rose Quartz Roller
  • Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum Limited Edition 50mL Bottle
  • Osmia Milky Rose Soap and Body Duo

This year, you can enter via the blog (you get one entry for commenting on the blog post), or Instagram (and another entry for IG!).  And, you can even enter on both platforms for a better chance to win!  The winner will be announced on December 23rd.  Good luck!



Bare Beauty Ultimate Holiday Giveaway

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58 thoughts on “Bare Beauty Ultimate Holiday Giveaway 2018

  1. I’d love to learn more about different types of routines/looks you put together: A quick/simple one, a normal one and a full/indulgent one. Or even the process you have when adding new products to your routine 🙂

  2. This is the largest green beauty giveaway I’ve ever seen! It must have taken so much time and effort to coordinate with all the brands. Happy Holidays!

  3. I still want to try the towels you love. So I am sure everything else is amazing. It is so gracious of you to do this giveaway.

  4. oh wow! That looks amazing! I’m most interested to try True botanicals and One Love Organics! Super excited!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. The True Botanicals CLEAR collection would be amazing to try! I’m excited to see your nail bar come along and keep up with posts on that! I live in Greenville SC & have friends in Charleston so I will definitely be a customer!

  6. Wow, this is truly self care heaven! I would love to learn more about hair styling products, it’s the last thing I have really switched over from mainstream products and I just can’t seem to find something I am super happy with.

  7. This is amazing! What an awesome giveaway. I see a lot of green beauty here I could share with family and friends!! Fingers crossed ????????

  8. This is an incredible giveaway! So many favourites and/or items on my wish list. For 2019, I’d love to see more brand overview posts, or comparisons between similar products.

    Happy holidays!

    • Your green beauty give-away is absolutely mind blowing and the ultimate in generosity. It would be wonderful to see product recommendations in all price categories for those with a smaller budget. We all value the time and effort you put into your recommendations !

  9. This is an amazing giveaway! I would love to know how we can judge if products are clean or not. What chemicals do we stay away from? Maybe an app we can use?

  10. This is amazing! Would love to see more about your kids wellness routines. I’ve enjoyed your previous posts on their supplements and how you try to instill healthy habits. I’m expecting my first so I am using your blog as a resource for nontoxic pregnancy and beyond!

  11. What an amazing collection! Wow! I would love to read more reviews and tips from new products coming out and ideas for household products.

  12. I always have a hard time choosing colors (like lipstick, highlighters, bronzers, eyeshadows, etc) online, so I always find it helpful when you show what the colors look like on.

  13. I’d like to also know about choices we can be making at home: our water filters, shower filters, blocking wifi, furniture, that sort of thing! I live in new construction as well.

  14. Wow great and amazing giveaway! I think everything participating here is already happy 🙂 I love your blog, so good information, so good products! Fingers crossed!!! #love Happy Holidays!

  15. I would also like to hear more about your children’s wellness routines. In addition to that, would love to hear more about your home build and what choices you made during this process. You are such a wealth of information and I am grateful for the time you spend sharing everything you have learned throughout your “health journey”. Blessings to you and your family!

  16. What an amazing giveaway and opportunity to try such amazing products that aren’t always so affordable. Love all the information and recommendations that you give on your blog! Thanks for the chance to win!

    • Incredibly generous holiday giveaway. This tops all that I’ve seen! Way to go, Jess. Wishing you and yours the Merriest of Christmases in your new home.
      xxoo, Margeaux

  17. Oh my goodness! This is an all-star line up! I would love to win, but whoever does is awfully lucky! Thanks for such a great giveaway and for awesome green beauty blog content. You’re the best!

  18. Wow! What a generous giveaway!! I’d love to learn more about cleaner hair care and styling. It feels like the last piece of the green beauty puzzle that I’ve yet to crack!

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