Holiday Gift Guides Galore 2018

You guys, there is still time!  That is what I keep telling myself, haha.  If you are like me, you’ll be doing one last round of online shopping this weekend.  I’ve got the clean beauty portion covered for you.  Read on for all the best gift ideas in clean beauty; these are my tried and true favorites that everyone is sure to love.

First up: she’s got it all, but these gems are sure to impress her.  Here are some perfect gifts for that glamour puss in your life.

  1. This exclusive kit from tenoverten is designed in the signature MZ Wallace quilted Oxford Nylon, an extremely lightweight, durable and water-resistant fabric, and customized for the collaboration in an exclusive new shape and color. The kit features tenoverten’s nail care essentials, including The Foundation, The Shield, The Rose Oil, and Non-Acetone Rose Polish Remover, that have been carefully formulated to promote strong, healthy nails, without the use of any harmful ingredients. Along with a cuticle smoother and filing stone, it’s the perfect self-care gift.
  2. An evolution of Kjaer Weis‘ iconic silver compacts, the new Kajer Weis Collector’s Kit Palette is like a jewel box for your own personalized color selection.  Their packaging is my favorite; it’s beautiful, durable and refillable, and can even double as a mirror in a pinch.  (Note: this kit does not contain makeup!)
  3. Plume Limited Edition Brow Collection includes their Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum, Nourish & Define Brown Pommade, and Precision Tweezers.  Unlike Revitalash or Latisse, Plume’s formula is totally safe for pregnancy.  It works by stimulating follicle growth while hydrating and protecting; lashes grow longer and stronger, so they don’t fall out as often as they do when you use nothing.  Ingredients like organic Aloe Aera, Castor Oil and Honey Extract moisturize and provide anti-fungal and antibacterial properties; ingredients like Watercress, Indian Cress, Coltsfoot Flower, Yarrow Flower and Peruvian Bark Extract have seemingly magical hair lengthening and strengthening powers.
  4. A gift card to AILLEA!  You know, so she can fill up that Kjaer Weis Collector’s Kit Palette with all her best colors.  Stay tuned for my annual Bare Beauty Ultimate Holiday Giveaway – we are teaming up to give someone a $500 gift card to AILLEA!  Yes, FIVE HUNDERED DOLLARS.
  5. Maya Chia’s Highlight of the Day is one of the best and most versatile illuminators around.  This liquid highlighter is so flattering, and it can be worn under foundation for subtle radiance, mixed with foundation on your cheek bone, or worn on top of foundation for the prettiest glow.  There are four beautiful shades.  Everyone who tries it is spellbound by its transformative powers!
  6. There were no color correcting “purple” hair products in the clean beauty world – until Rahua Color-Full Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Mask.  They. Are. Amazing.  They moisturize just enough, they impart shine and body, and my color looks better and brighter and less brassy than it usually does a few weeks after getting  highlights.  The Color-Full collection balances tones on all shades of colored hair by blending natural mineral pigments along with a cocktail of plant-based oils.
  7. Jenny Patinkin’s Luxury Vegan Makeup Brush Set and Rose on Rose Quartz Roller are second to none.  This woman knows luxury, and she is an expert in her field.  Each of the four brushes in this collection is multipurpose and multi-use, and with 2.5x as many bristles as conventional makeup brushes, plus a weighted handle, they feel velvety soft to the touch, balance perfectly in the hand and apply a natural finish of makeup. Handmade by highly skilled artisans, these portable, pretty makeup brushes set the new standard for vegan beauty.  Her Rose Quartz Roller may aid with lymphatic drainage and the release of toxins, may reduce inflammation and reduce the appearance of puffiness, can boost circulation for added radiance and glow, and may help temporarily lift and firm the skin – all while the stone gives off some high vibes.

Next up, The Selfless Superwoman.  We all know her (heck, you might even be her).  She’s does it all, and she is exhausted, putting herself last most of the time.  Force her to commit to some me-time with these indulgent products so she can create a ritual she can look forward to.

  1. True Botanicals is the skincare brand that transformed my skin, and I still stand by it all these years later.  All the lines they offer (CLEAR, RENEW and CALM) are totally nontoxic and incredibly effective.  The four-step regimen also creates the opportunity to gently take care of yourself with a daily and nightly skincare ritual.  I recommend adding their Antioxidant Booster to maximize results.
  2. The Goodnight Co. Silk Pillowcase meets the strictest quality standards; their luxuriously smooth textures are beautifully effective at preventing frizz and face creases.  Made from the highest quality 22 momme mulberry silk — the best on the market, with a 600 thread count — they not only feel incredible, but also boast myriad benefits for hair and skin.  They are also naturally dust mite-resistant and hypoallergenic, and regulate temperature perfectly.  The ultimate glam girl necessity, if you ask me.
  3. 5 Yina is one of my favorite clean beauty discoveries of 2018.  The 5YINA’s Divine All Seasons Biocellulose Mask  is, by far, my favorite sheet mask, ever.  If you give this mask 30 minutes, it will give you skin that looks like it just came out of a esthetician’s chair.  Seriously.  And their newest release (which I will review in full next week) is their Guiying Décolletage Treatment.  This magical balm is formulated with potent medicinal plants to promote lymphatic circulation and prevent stagnation.  Nourishing botanical oils and butters restore skin elasticity, repair free radical damage, and stretch marks.  I’ve been using it for over a couple of months, and I swear I see a difference.  This duo would be the perfect gift for the overworked lady in your life.
  4. In the last year, I have become completely dependent on my Vitruvi Stone Diffuser and their beautiful essential oil blends.  I love that the diffuser looks like a beautiful piece of ceramic art in my home while their natural scents infuse the air with aromatherapy benefits.  This has become a little ritual for me, and I love how I can adjust the scent to my mood and needs.

They’re obsessed with wellness; you’re obsessed with them.  Or, maybe someone you love wants to start taking better care of themselves.  Show them all some love with these high-vibe luxuries.

  1. Osmia is the brain child of MD turned natural medicine woman, Sarah Villafranco.  Her handmade soaps are the best. Organic rose petals top the bar, and organic buttermilk powder contributes to a rich, creamy lather. Bitter orange and palmarosa essential oils give a unique, feminine scent.  This bar feels like a serious splurge – luxurious, elegant, and so moisturizing.  It’s a great stocking stuffer for just about anyone.
  2. Alexis Smart Flower Remedies support, nourish and empower the body to heal itself, whether the ailment is physical, mental or emotional.  I’ve experienced their powers firsthand, and once you get past your cynicism, you will be amazed how amazing these little witch doctor essences really are.
  3. I used Herbalore Catalyst Gold Superfood Supplement before I became pregnant with Woody, and it made me feel 5 years younger.  Suitable for almost anyone, it helps reprogram your body on a deep cellular level and create a catalyst effect within. Formulated with super greens, herbs, super fuits and essential minerals to protect, rejuvenate and revitalize you.  A wellness junkie’s dream, in capsule form.
  4. I am obsessed with RMS Beauty Within Women’s Digestive Enzyme which helps the body absorb nutrients more efficiently and breaks down hard-to-digest foods faster than the body can do on its own.  These are particularly helpful to take after a big or late meal.  I take 1 capsule after meals, or 2 after a bigger, indulgent meal.  The perfect stocking stuffer for your wellness junkie.
  5. Suntegrity Natural Mineral Sunscreen for Body SPF 30 is simply stellar.  It contains a whopping 20% non-nano zinc oxide, which not only protects from both UVA and UBV rays, but also soothes skin.  The finish is sheer and the formula is very moisturizing, but not greasy, and it has a light, natural citrus scent.  This is a solid nontoxic sunscreen.  I also love their Natural Moisturizing Sunscreen & Primer for the Face.
  6. I use Urban Moonshine’s Citrus Digestive Bitters on and off even when I’m not pregnant, but for pregnancy, I consider them a must!  They help with indigestion, heartburn, an upset stomach, and I even think they help me sleep better.  I take these drops pretty often at night before bed, especially after a late dinner, and they help SO much.  Their entire product line is stellar.

Give your gracious hostess something she can enjoy after everyone is long gone.  Hostess gifts can be tough.  I always look for something thoughtful and foolproof.  And, obviously, I prefer to give nontoxic goodies that I’ve tried myself and have loved.

  1. Kari Gran’s Lip Whip is an all time favorite of mine, and I give it to all the women in my family every year.  It is available in multiple colors and in a color-free formula, and it provides the best moisture-rich boost. The thick, rich formula stays for hours and hours, so it’s perfect if you’re forgetful at re-applying.  Truly one of my favorite gifts to give, because I know everyone will fall in love with it!
  2. My favorite aromatherapy candle is made by Lite + Cycle, and it would make the sweetest little gift for someone who needs some TLC.  Lite + Cycle candles contain clean-burning, petroleum-free non-GMO vegan waxes, cotton wicks, and 100% essential oil-based fragrance.  I also love their minimalist aestethic, which really does make them a perfect gift.  The underside of the gorgeous gold lid is a built-in match strike, and it’s heavy enough to extinguish the flame without smoke or leaving any mess behind.  When the candle is finished, the vessel is beautiful enough to keep your odds and ends, or you can simply slip a Lite & Cycle pillar candle inside.
  3. Some of my personal favorites from One Love Organics are their award-winning Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover and their Vitamin E Eye Balm.The Cleansing Oil is an absolute game changer; there is no better way to take the day off your face.  The eye balm is so perfect for bedtime during the cold, dry winter months.  It will ensure that the skin around the eyes remains supple despite the harsh elements outside.
  4. Ursa Major makes great, affordable gift box options with androgynous packaging, making shareable, effective, nontoxic skincare available to everyone.  I love their Travel Essentials Kit, which contains their Face Wash, Face Tonic, Face Wipes (a personal favorite), Face Balm and Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant.
  5. Weleda is one of my favorite lines, but it remains a bit under the radar in the US, so I love to give their products as gifts.  Their new Skin Food collection is incredible and it was released at the perfect time of year.  These products can heal even the driest, roughest skin, and they feel and smell so good.

We all know her.  She appreciates luxury and simplicity.  These beautiful picks are the best of the best, easy to use, and they just work.

  1. Minimalism meets luxury in the Henné Lip Collection.  The Luxury Organic Lip Balm (both in the pot and in the tube) just does the job, plain and simple.  Bursting full of plant-based organics oils and butters, Henné is a favorite of mine for bedtime; when I wake up, my lips are soft, moisturized, and I can still feel the product on my lips.  The Organic Luxury Rose Diamond Lip Exfoliator is a lifesaver for dry, flaky lips in the dry, cold months, and their new Lip Serum and Lip Mask are amazing and so luxurious.
  2. Laurel Whole Plant Organics makes the freshest skincare in the game.  Their Eye Serum continues to be my very favorite.  I can’t tell you how many readers and friends I’ve converted.  This cocktail of 21 antiaging, restorative and healing ingredients reduces inflammation and puffiness and truly softens fine lines over time.  I also love their Sun Damage Repair Serum.  Again, over time, this formula really does live up to its claims; it is both protective and reparative, and it’s ideal for times of heightened sun exposure.
  3. Kosas Color Trifecta Weightless Lip Color Trio is the perfect gift for the beauty minimalist.  These lipsticks are my favorite.  They last and last, they are feather-light, and they are incredibly moisturizing.  The colors are also absolutely beautiful on all skintones (Founder, Sheena Yaitanes is a color genius).
  4. Vapour Organic Beauty AER Next Level Deodorant IS next level.  This silky gel-to-powder formula keeps me dry and stink-free unlike anything else I’ve ever tried.  I never have to reapply midday – in fact, I even wake up smelling good when I use this stuff.  I think everyone should try it, because their nontoxic deo search would be over.  Put it in her stocking, and she will thank you.
  5. Vintner’s Daughter: A second-generation vintner in Napa Valley, April Gargiulo became pregnant with her first child, did her research, and realized all of her skincare had to go.  Then, she tried to find something 100% natural that actually worked – not just moisturized, but targeted discoloration, acne, fine lines and skin texture.  She came up with nothing and approached a long-time friend who also happened to be a natural skincare guru.  It took them 2 years and 15 versions of the serum until she was happy with the finished product, Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, but it was so worth it – this stuff is pure magic.  (They also recently released a limited edition 50ml bottle!)
  6. W3LL PEOPLE makes products for the woman who just wants her makeup to do its job.  These formulas are easy to apply and simply enhance skin’s natural beauty.  I’m a huge fan of their new Bio Baked Bronzer and Bio Baked Brightening Powder.  And their Nudist Multi-Use Cream Stick is the best blush, ever.

Tomorrow, I am hosting my annual Bare Beauty Ultimate Holiday Giveaway – worth over $3,000 – so stay tuned!!!