Beautiful Charleston + Thoughtfully Magazine


Where have you been?!  Just kidding.  I know I haven’t been posting as regularly the last few weeks; it has been a great month, but between some fun social obligations and Annabel being out of school, I feel like I am getting nothing done.  Because I’m not.  I’ve been running around like crazy, but I can’t tell you what the #$%* I’ve been doing.  I’m ready for summer and I’m ready to slow down.  Ya’ with me?

Something I’ve been meaning to tell you is that I wrote an article that was published in the Spring issue of Thoughtfully Magazine.  It’s all about my adopted hometown of Charleston, South Carolina.  I’ve lived here for more than eight years now, and I can’t get over how much it’s evolved.  A “boom” doesn’t even begin to describe what this city has experienced in the last decade.  Along with better restaurants, shopping, museums, schools, parks, etc. etc. etc, Charleston is also becoming more Green.  From juice bars to environmental conservation efforts, this city is rocking it!

So, it was obviously the perfect destination to write about for Thoughtfully Magazine.  If this magazine is new to you, it’s because the second issue was just published last month (it’s a quarterly publication).  Thoughtfully focuses on living a conscious, stylish life; the content is written by experts in their field, and visually, it’s just beautiful.  Even if I weren’t a contributor, I’d tell you to check it out.  You can purchase it in print or digital here, or you can pick it up in any Whole Foods in the US!

I have so much more good stuff in store for you this Summer – stay tuned!