Earth Day + Some Deals

earth day on

Happy Friday!  Earth Day is tomorrow, and I’m going to share a few deals with you, but first let’s take a second to honor Mother Earth.  We can all do our part to ease our burden on her without totally disrupting our lifestyle.  Little actions add up, good or bad, so here are some EASY things you can do and feel good about:

  • Buy Antiques.  Seriously!  Think of all the chemicals that go into the manufacturing of home goods, not to mention the deforestation the furniture industry is responsible for.  Besides, old furniture is usually higher in quality and adds more character and cool-factor than a house full of brand new buys.
  • Keep house plants, which naturally filter and detoxify the air.  And it’s less expensive than buying cut flowers every week.
  • Walk.  Ride your bike.  Stroll your child on that next errand instead of getting in the car.
  • Eat lunch outside.  It’s just more fun.
  • Turn off the lights, the TV, stop incessantly re-fluffing the laundry in the dryer, open your windows.
  • Compost.  It is so much better for the planet than using a garbage disposal.  Your lawn and garden will thank you.
  • Do you really need that dress from Forever 21 or H&M?  Disposable, fast-fashion creates toxic waste and spoiled people.
  • Recycle!  Take a moment to imagine bulldozers pushing trash around at the landfill.  Do you really want to add to that mess?
  • Even better, use less plastic.  I love the reusable veggie and bulk bags from BeHomeWell.
  • Use nontoxic cleaning products. (My favorites are from The Optimist Co.  Use code BAREBEAUTY for a 15% discount.)
  • Buy a whole-house water filter and stop buying bottled water.  My favorite water filter company is Aquasana.
  • Take a shorter shower.  (If you’re a mother, your shower is already only five minutes long; this one doesn’t apply to you.)
  • Look into eco-friendly landscaping.  If you plant what nature intended for your home’s type of soil and climate, you’ll use less water trying to keep it alive.
  • Plant a tree, duh.  My family members and I like to “gift” each other trees for holidays and birthdays through Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, which is an incredible organization.

Okay, on to the deals!

Get up to 15% off at The Detox Market now through 4/24/17.  (Code are listed in the image above.)

Get 15% off at Safe & Chic with code EARTH now through 4/23/17.

You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you.  What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. – Jane Goodall