Earth Day Sales & Eco-Friendly Tips

Maybe it’s just me, but I am thinking (read: worrying) about the Earth, and what kind of shape I am leaving it in for my children  Every time I throw a piece of plastic in the recycle bin, I cringe, especially if it’s single use plastic, like a bottle of water.  (There are so many amazing reusable options, like BKR, that are in my kitchen cabinets, and we rarely leave home without them, even when going on vacation.)  There are a lot of great Earth Day Deals going on, but first here are a few other ways you can lessen your impact on the environment without cramping your style too much.

  • Buy Antiques.  Seriously!  Think of all the chemicals that go into the manufacturing of home goods, not to mention the deforestation the furniture industry is responsible for.  Besides, old furniture is usually higher in quality and adds more character and cool-factor than a house full of brand new buys.
  • Keep house plants, which naturally filter and detoxify the air.
  • Walk.  Ride your bike.  Stroll your child on that next errand instead of getting in the car.
  • Eat lunch outside.  It’s just more fun.
  • Turn off the lights, the TV, stop incessantly re-fluffing the laundry in the dryer, open your windows.
  • Compost.  It is so much better for the planet than using a garbage disposal.  Your lawn and garden will thank you.
  • Do you really need that dress from Forever 21 or H&M?  Disposable, fast-fashion creates toxic waste and spoiled people.
  • Recycle!  Take a moment to imagine bulldozers pushing trash around at the landfill.  Do you really want to add to that mess?
  • Even better, use less plastic.  I love the reusable veggie and bulk bags from BeHomeWell.
  • Also, you don’t need to recycle all those beautiful glass jars when you run out of your favorite clean beauty products.  Use them to store food in your fridge and pantry.  I, amazingly, just thought of this only recently.
  • Use nontoxic cleaning products. (My favorites are from Branch Basics.  Use code BAREBEAUTY for a 15% discount.)
  • Buy a whole-house water filter and stop buying bottled water.  My favorite water filter company is Aquasana.
  • Take a shorter shower.  (If you have kids, your shower is already only five minutes long; this one doesn’t apply to you.)
  • Look into eco-friendly landscaping.  If you plant what nature intended for your home’s type of soil and climate, you’ll use less water trying to keep it alive.
  • Plant a tree, duh.  My family members and I like to “gift” each other trees for holidays and birthdays through Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, which is an incredible organization.

OK, I hope that wasn’t too preachy.  It was a reminder for myself as much as for all of you!  On to the sales!

In celebration of Earth Day, shoppers can trade in their toxic beauty products to receive 3% off at AILLEA for each product (up to 5 products, 15% off total). It’s the perfect opportunity for those that are curious about clean beauty or great for those that are already using green products as a chance to stock up!  This promotion will be happening at AILLEA’s 4 brick and mortar locations: 2 in Denver, 1 in Atlanta and 1 in Charleston. However, this promotion isn’t limited to in-store shoppers! Online shoppers can receive 10% off all orders over $100 with code EARTH10 and 15% off all orders over $200 with code EARTH15.
Today thru Sunday, April 22 at midnight PST, The Detox Market is offering 10% off $100 purchases, 15% off $200 purchases,
and 15% off $300+ purchases – this level also gets a FREE Odacité Wild Carrot Serum Concentrate, a $55 value (while supplies last).  No promo code necessary.

Today through Sunday, April 22, Citrine Natural Beauty Bar is offering a $20 credit for every $100 you spend.  They are also donating 5% of this weekend’s orders to the Arbor Day Foundation to plant 10 trees for every $10 donated.  Love that!

Safe & Chic is offering 15% off site-wide now through Sunday, April 22.  Some exclusions apply.

One last thing, if you live in South Carolina, like me.  This is important!

Via Charleston Waterkeeper:  Bad news: “the ban on bans”–bill H3529–made it to the SC Senate floor late last week. A final vote could happen very soon.

This is our last chance to make our voices heard and stand up for our community and our waterways. Contact your Senator today and ask that they oppose H3529:

Isle of Palms, Folly Beach, and Mount Pleasant have all taken bold action to solve the plastic pollution problem. They found balanced and effective solutions that work for their citizens, local businesses, and visitors. The ban on bans benefits no one, except the plastic industry.

That’s why the plastic bag lobbyists in Columbia are pushing your legislators hard to stop local communities from acting. That’s not right. You can help put an end to this nonsense: stop the ban on bans.

Together we can stop this bad idea from becoming law. Your voice matters, make it heard! Thank you for standing up for our waterways.

I hope you enjoy the outdoors this Earth Day weekend with those you love.