February Beauty Heroes: Fitglow Beauty

Fitglow Beauty review on barebeauty.com

Like all of us in the New Year, Beauty Heroes has been busy, busy, busy.  I’m going to start with their seasonal Makeup Discovery because it is definitely going to sell out fast; Beauty Heroes only offers a very limited number of their seasonal Makeup Discovery, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.  I was very excited to receive this box because Fitglow is a brand that I’ve been wanting to try, but I just haven’t gotten around to it.  Included is Fitglow’s Good Lash + Mascara, Lip Colour Cream and Lip Color Serum.  Um, whoa.  I am obsessed with these formulas.

Fitglow Beauty review on barebeauty.com

Good Lash + combines candellila, carnauba and rice bran wax to adhere pigment to the lashes while horsetail, sweet lupine protein and a bio-available plant-based collagen alternative made of sugar, soy and grass extract deliver layers of nourishment without weighing lashes down.  If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that until now, there has only been ONE nontoxic mascara that measures up to my standards.  Well, now there are two. (Yay!)  This formula lengthens, separates, builds volume, doesn’t clump, and is the perfect shade of black.  The pinecone-shaped brush took some getting used to, but I actually really love it now.  Most mascaras smear on me – badly.  This formula does not.  It’s a winner.

Fitglow Beauty review on barebeauty.com

Also included in this box are Fitglow’s Lip Colour Cream and Lip Colour Serum (there are 3 color ways to choose from).  I chose  Pure and Go, which are light nude-pink shades.  These formulas offer beautiful color with a richly moisturizing feel and a youthful appearance. Plant extracts give a look of fullness and firmness, while healthy oils provide a healing and softening feel.  Again, these formulas are so unique, and just amazing.  The Lip Colour Serum is a silky gloss with the perfect color pay-off; it is not at all sticky or gooey.  And, the Lip Colour Cream?  It feels like I’m wearing lip balm!  So good.  Fitglow’s founder, Anna Buss, has worked for years with a naturopath and two scientists on her formulas.  They bring the latest in plant-based, green chemistry to the process, and it shows..  Together, they focus their innovation on identifying ingredient synergies to unlock skin’s  regenerative and restorative capabilities.  I am so impressed with the formulas, the colors, the packaging, everything.  I will definitely be repurchasing all of these products.

This Beauty Heroes Makeup Discovery Box is available for a very limited time for $55 (it’s a $122 value).  You can purchase it here.  (Beauty Heroes Members get 15% off all purchases in the Beauty Shop, including this Makeup Discovery.  To become a member, scroll down.)

Fitglow Beauty review on barebeauty.com

Beauty Heroes also teamed up with Fitglow for it’s February Beauty Discovery (this is their normal, monthly subscription).  This box includes Fitglow’s Cloud Comfort and Redness Rescue Cream.  Fit glow’s founder, Anna Buss, struggled with rosacea, hyper pigmentation and sensitive skin her whole life, and has really dedicated everything to healing herself and others who face the same issues.  I’ve been following her on Instagram for years, and the before and after photos of her skin are incredible.  Both of these products are perfect for this time of year when our skin becomes dry from the cold air outside and the blasting heat inside.  Many of us end up with dry, sensitive, irritated, red skin.  Not cute, and it doesn’t feel great, either.

Creating a truly “clean” cream is difficult to do, but Fitglow does a great job of it.  I know many of you still love a good cream compared to an oil, and if your skin just needs “more” this winter, I would absolutely recommend this formula.   It is very light, but cloudberry fruit packs a powerful punch.  Far more than a mere moisturizer, Fitglow’s Cloud Comfort Cream is a study in clean beauty biohacking, formulated with a proven blend of essential fatty acids and plant-based oils in liposome form to mimic the composition and function of our skin. By ‘speaking the skin’s language’, this soothing formula penetrates even the most defensive barriers with an ample supply of hydration, nutrients and anti-inflammatory support.  I think the best way to wear this product is over face serum and under makeup.

The Redness Rescue Cream calms the appearance of redness and irritation.  An innovative plant blend called C3 (comfrey, calendula, and chamomile) lends a reparative quality to skin, while wakame seaweed extract and zinc provide a healthy, vital look to the complexion. This cream offers a feeling of essential hydration in a non-greasy formula.  Mica and ultramarines are responsible for the green tint, which instantly and dramatically  offset redness.  I think the best way to wear this product is as a primer before makeup; it can be used alone or on top of your daily moisturizer.

Beauty Heroes February Beauty Discover is valued at $153, but members will receive it for less than $40!  This Beauty Discovery Box will be available until February 20th, or until they sell out, whichever comes first.  And, as always, Beauty Heroes Members get 15% off everything in the Beauty Heroes Shop, every day.  You can sign up to join here.

Just out of curiosity, what is your favorite nontoxic mascara?







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7 thoughts on “February Beauty Heroes: Fitglow Beauty

  1. Thanks for the review of the Fitglow Makeup Discovery. It’s been sitting in my cart since yesterday (I wanted to try that mascara).

    Now, I’m off to complete my order:).

  2. Hynt has always been my favorite mascara then I tried Hush and Dotti. I love H&D now. I cannot wait to try Fitglow. I ordered the beauty discovery before it was sold out. I have heard great things about Inika mascara too.

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