The Fountain of Youth Clears Acne, Too


Many of you have commented on my improved complexion lately.  As I’ve told you before, for my whole life, I always had great skin; maybe a zit here or there, but never a real problem.  Then, when I stopped taking the Pill to try to become pregnant, I miscarried and my skin went crazy.  I got pregnant again, it got worse.  I had a baby, it got worse.  When I stopped breastfeeding, nothing changed.  My cycle returned to normal, and still no improvement.

I tried many Clean products, (many of which did reduce the inflammation and/or duration of a blemish) I tried cutting out dairy (which did help a little), I even became desperate enough to try a few prescription treatments, (as you can imagine, I reeeally hated resorting to that, and none of them really worked anyway).  However, nothing actually prevented the large, painful cysts from rearing their very ugly heads.

My problem skin was starting to affect my self-esteem.  I felt like I needed a full face of makeup to leave the house (and that is so. not. me.) and even then, sometimes, I didn’t feel comfortable in public. My face hurt all the time; those suckers each had their own heartbeat and they perpetually covered both of my cheeks.  After some deliberation, Richard and I concluded that we were not yet ready for another baby, so I decided to start taking birth control again.  The Pill did help a bit, but I can’t say that my skin returned to its former state, even after months of taking it.  My pores were still so..…. clogged…

Stay tuned tomorrow, because I’m going to tell you all about a skincare line that, for me, has been a MIRACLE, and that is no exaggeration.  I’ve been using it religiously for two months, and not only has my acne subsided, it is taking care of fine lines, discoloration, pore size and dullness, too.  Finally, I don’t have to sacrifice my anti-aging regimen to fight acne.  It’s like they’ve bottled the fountain of youth and combined it with the fountain of clear skin.  And, because I love this particular skincare line so much, and love you so much, and I really think you should meet each other, I’m going to set the two of you up with an amazing promotion.

I’m so excited to tell you about it, I may not be able to sleep tonight.